Why Jey Uso Should Dethrone Gunther

WWE Monday Night RAW graphic featuring Jey Uso.

After a three-week absence, Jey Uso made his return to Monday Night Raw. It was a great move by WWE to move the Uce over to the red brand. Any more time spent on SmackDown would have forced the company to include him in The Bloodline story, which seems to be the long-term goal. So, it makes perfect sense to move him to a brand where he can engage in new storylines.

Now that he has made his way to Raw there are various ways in which his character can go. He has already been involved with The Judgement Day, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn but there is another hurdle that would be better for the younger Uso.

Main Event Jey Ends a Historic Reign?

Gunther has had a stranglehold on the IC division for well over a year. He has passed the Honky Tonk Man as the longest reigning champion, but the time is coming for him to drop the championship, and what better man to do it than Jey Uso. Uso has blossomed into a singles star. His program opposite Roman Reigns was fantastic and showed the world that Jey was a main event star in the making. What better time than now for him to upend Gunther and start his own lengthy reign with the strap?

Both men are involved with other members of the roster, at the moment, but it wouldn’t take much to put them on a collision course with each other. Putting them on opposing teams inside WarGames, for example, would be an easy way to achieve this.

Once together, Jey Uso and Gunther could produce wrestling gold. Both men are fantastic wrestlers, and their styles are polar opposites of one another. The physical style of Gunther would provide a great contrast to the high-flying style of Jey. That being said, we have seen the ability of either man to switch styles, which would provide for even more compelling wrestling. It would also serve well for an eventual gimmick match.

Jey and Gunther shouldn’t get involved just yet, but soon would be preferable. Around Survivor Series time would be a great idea. Putting the two opposite each other would spark a feud without giving much away for future matches. It would also allow WWE to have Jey go over on the Intercontinental Champ and set up their feud.

Once their issues have been established the two men should draw out their feud over multiple matches. Going into December, where there is no major PLE, matches between the two men could main event Raw and drive up the ratings. These matches would be a great way to keep interest in the show going through the holidays but must have Gunther coming away the victor.


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The Ring General’s ability to sneak away with the win would set up a final showdown for the Royal Rumble. A large audience and an even larger stage is the perfect setting for Jey to finally best Gunther. It would be the culmination of a great story and one that would set the competitors on separate but great paths. A dominant IC Title run for Jey and the World Title scene for Gunther.

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