Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Making a Case for Each to Win at WWE Payback

WWE Payback match graphic featuring Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The WWE World Championship match at Payback has some intriguing possibilities. Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura being paired together is a great option for the company. They have been kept away from each other for a while now and it presents a fresh matchup at the top of the card.

Both men are some of the best workers in the company so there is no doubt that the match is going to be great, but the outcome could surprise some. Rollins may not be the clear-cut winner that some believe him to be, but it could finally be time to crown Shinsuke. There are realistic arguments for both men taking home the gold, let’s explore some.

For Shinsuke Nakamura


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Shinsuke has been a disappointment on the main roster since his call-up. He has had start/stop pushes so many times that it is believable that WWE will never pull the trigger. There is just something about this time that feels different.

Nakamura has played the heel role in the past, but he seems more invested in this one. His promo this past Monday was fantastic and really brought his ruthless side to the surface. He has reverted to what made him so great, and it would be perfect to see him strong-style his way to the championship.

Shinsuke is also not getting any younger. At 43 years old he is one of the older wrestlers on the roster and this could be the last time to push him to the top. He still has some gas left in the tank and could bring a new perspective to the championship scene.

As much as Nakamura has some great attributes to be a champion it could be the exit of Seth Rollins that puts the title on his shoulders.

Rollins has been the workhorse of WWE for the past few years. He hasn’t missed much time and has been a staple on the house show circuit. That type of work rate is taking its toll on his body, especially his back. No one would blame the man if he wanted to take some time off, and there are some rumors that this is the case. Now might be the perfect time to send the Architect to the shelf to tend to his wounds.

For Seth Rollins


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Rollins has proven that he was the correct choice to win the WWE World Championship. Since winning the strap he has put on fantastic matches against all comers. He has been a breath of fresh air to the world title scene considering the other champ doesn’t show up much.

It has been great having him as the world champion, and outside of Cody Rhodes are there many who could take over the top spot? The main event scene is littered with fantastic talent but from a WWE standpoint is there a realistic chance of many of them being given a run with the title? Rollins is not only the best option, but he could be the only option, with Cody possibly taking another run at Roman Reigns in Philadelphia.

Through Rollin’s work, he has brought an air of relevancy to the championship. It is crucial that the first champion of a new title make the title feel important and that is precisely what Rollins has done. Taking the belt off him for anyone else could make WWE nervous. It could venture into unknown waters when they have the safety blanket of the champion.

It will be interesting to see how WWE books the world title match on September 2nd Both men present a strong argument as to why they should be the champion causing the match to be more intriguing than anyone could think.

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