Puerto Rico Wrestling Report #12

Puerto Rico Wrestling Smackdown

Welcome to the 12th Puerto Rico Wrestling report from Last Word on Pro Wrestling. On this edition, we’ll preview the upcoming events slated for the island as well as a quick recap of WWC’s latest event. Let’s get right to it.

Things are a bit more organized after the March 25th cluster of events as we are deep into the spring season now. The biggest show currently on the horizon is International Wrestling Association‘s (IWA) ‘Juicio Final’ (Final Judgment) event on April 15th. It’s one of IWA’s 4 top events and it marks a year since the company managed to hit a stride of momentum they’ve mostly been able to retain to this day thanks to their story between Invader #1 and Manny Ferno. For better or for worse regarding the typical use of the eternally controversial figure.

Their previous event, Cobra x Cobra, is still available not available on their IWA Prime service and at this point, the service might as well be abandoned. It’s an $8 subscription service. However, it’s been critically panned for its disorganized structure and infrequent uploading of events. So, we will have to see if this really is the abrupt end of it.

Puerto Rico Wrestling Report #12

The ‘Juicio Final’ card looks to culminate various major stories that kicked off the year. The feud between Savio Vega and the IWE Alliance’s new leader Romeo in the form of a rematch from Cobra x Cobra is the main event. This time, Savio Vega opts to use his TNT character. Think The Great Muta and Keiji Mutoh, as TNT was his first major wrestling character in the late 80’s in WWC. It’s the character that inspired the then-WWF to hire him as Kwang. The Invader has been added as guest referee after a rather poor segment where the roster was celebrating his birthday, only for Romeo to just run in, “pie face” him against the cake and apply the Cobra Clutch before running off. Savio Vega came in for the save, but Invader attacked him – at first thinking it was him and later just being begrudged that Romeo learned his submission. Ignoring their tag team run last year completely, Invader is the one that now doesn’t want to let his grudge with Savio Vega go. Even though last year, he was the one begging to bury the hatchet. Selective memory at play, it seems.

The other major feud is Manny Ferno finally facing off against the masked invading Champion from another company, the same one who has been antagonizing him for months. It’s very obviously LAWE’s Pedro Portillo III, however, the actual reveal is being saved up. They were originally scheduled as a semi-main event match for Hugo Savinovich’s “Demonmania” event for January. But when Hugo was not medically cleared to wrestle, he completely cancelled the card in one hell of a self-indulgent move that left a lot of talent just hanging after they agreed to the date. The story built is that Portillo is chasing Ferno, claiming it’s actually his fault the show was cancelled and he’s the one that actually ducked out of the match.

Two major title matches are scheduled for the card as Mike Mendoza, leader of the top school in Puerto Rico, Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo, and one of the best and most renowned wrestlers of the island comes in to take on the current World Champion John Hawkings. The other is Puerto Rico Champion Khriz Diaz taking on the legendary Miguel Perez, who was once a member of then-WWF’s Los Boricuas alongside Savio Vega and arguably one of the island’s best technical wrestlers.

IWA looks to relaunch a Women’s division, this being done as tribute to the final Women’s Champion, Genesis. The wrestler has been hospitalized, suffering from illness for a long time now. She is being recognized as Champion again before the event looks to crown a new Champion in a 3 way match. The participants will be Nathalya Perez, the daughter of Miguel Perez and, as such, a third generation wrestler. The others are Krystal – manager of the tag team Doom Patrol and once a member of the IWA back before it’s first closure as well as the returning Roxxy, the island’s top female wrestler.

There’s also a comedy boxing match as WBO Latino Featherweight Champion Rene Santiago will have a boxing match with the IWE Alliance’s benefactor Fernando Tonos. This comes after the boxer beat up wrestler Ray Fonseca in a similar match – Fonseca being a parody of TV personality and political analyst Jay Fonseca.

The card for IWA Juicio Final is as follows:

  1.  TNT (Savio Vega’s original character) vs Romeo
  2. Manny Ferno vs unidentified masked invader (Pedro Portillo III)
  3. IWA World title: John Hawkings (c) vs Mike Mendoza
  4. IWA Puerto Rico title: Khriz Diaz (c) vs Miguel Perez Jr.
  5. IWA Intercontinental title: Manu (c) vs Azazel
  6. IWA Womens Championship: Roxxy vs Nathalya Perez vs Krystal
  7. Boxing Match: Fernando Tonos vs Rene Santiago
  8. Buffalo Bison Smith Tribute Bullrope Match: Mr. Big vs Apolo
  9. Tornado Match for IWA World Tag Team titles: Faces Of Destiny (c) vs Niche & Harry Williams
  10. Victor Quiñones Cup Rumble

Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo just published it’s latest show to IWTV, ‘Cima De La Montaña’ (Peak Of The Mountain). It has a massive title match in the main event with NWA World Tag Team Champion Mecha Wolf taking on Androide 787. A match of the year candidate for the island. They are set to have their next event on April 16, titled ‘Loser Leaves Town’. The title applying to its main event of Hijo Del Enigma vs Eros. The feud being based on a battle of loyalty, as Hijo Del Enigma prides himself on his loyalty to the Dojo, but seems to not show the same when in other promotions. Eros, in turn, has been angry about this and has been after Hijo Del Enigma, wanting to take away what he’s so loyal to. .

The event will also pick the first challenger for Mecha Wolf as former Champions Androide 787, Manu and Mike Mendoza, as well as other Dojo sensei, JC Navarro, shall be facing off in a 4 way match. Finally, the event will see the debut of Ruben, a masked wrestler with autism. This will be the second wrestler with autism to make his debut, behind wrestler Chupi Hunter in a smaller promotion.

Also Olympic silver medalist, actor and wrestler Javier Espinal will appear to make an announcement.

Card for Loser Leaves Town:

  • Loser Leaves Town: Eros vs Hijo del Enigma
  • EPW title #1 contendership: JC Navarro vs Mike Mendoza vs Androide 787 vs Manu
  • Fuerza Recia vs Adam Riggs & Edrax
  • Jayson Cesar vs Felix Aldea
  • Nahir Robles vs Yaide
  • Nathalya Perez vs Niche
  • Xavier Millet vs Terror Nocturno
  • Ruben vs Chris Mendoza

Their previous evento, ‘Cima De La Montaña’ (Peak Of The Mountain) is available on IWTV. It features 6 very solid matches including a fantastic technical match between El Gentil & Hijo Del Enigma. The match shows how El Gentil has been surpassed as a technical wrestler by his opponent. The main event of Mecha Wolf vs Androide 787 with the NWA Tag Team Champion winning the title and then disrespecting it and the Dojo’s sensei, Mike Mendoza, therefore setting up a future match.

WWC held it’s ‘Camino A La Gloria’ (Road To Glory) card. Nothing truly outstanding happened during the card. Though we seem to have averted the idea of Chicky Starr vs Invader #1. Instead, Chicky Starr seems to be settling into a feud with a local influencer called Gallo The Producer. This storyline has been pushed strictly on social media so far with not a single mention on the weekly programming despite this feud going now for nearly 3 weeks.

As it stands, no other events are scheduled for WWC… at least for the moment. They are coming off a pretty successful string of events with a respectable attendance. Though it’s not typical these days for them to run 3 straight weekends. So their next card will likely be announced on next weekend’s TV shows and will likely have a two or three week buffer. Their 50th Anniversary event remains slated for June 24th.

CWA will hold two events on back to back days on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th this month. The events will be held in conjunction with CWS, a notable wrestling school and will be focused on the “Martillo Cup”. ‘El Martillo’ (The Hammer) Thomas Marin is the founder of the school, and is one of the most influential wrestling teachers in Puerto Rico – whilst also a notable wrestler and referee during his active days. He passed away a few years ago.

That’s it for now. Thank you very much for reading and until next time.

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