Best & Worst WrestleMania 39 Merchandise

Wrestlemaia Merchandise: Wrestlemania 39 logo

WWE is looking to cash in on the hundreds of thousands of wrestling fans attending WrestleMania 39 – and the millions watching from home – with its WrestleMania Superstore. Buying WrestleMania merchandise is one of the biggest parts of the weekend, and this year has plenty of merchandise available. 

Here, we look at the best and worst WrestleMania 39 merchandise on offer in the Superstore. 

Best and Worst WrestleMania Merchandise for 2023

WWE boasts that the Superstore will house the “largest collection of WWE merchandise under one roof with items including official championship replica titles, exclusive WrestleMania merchandise, Superstar apparel, signed memorabilia and so much more.”

You don’t have to physically attend the store to get some sweet merchandise and show your support for WrestleMania 39. So we checked out the online WrestleMania Superstore for the best and worst finds.

Fashion, It’s Subjective, Look It Up

Ok. Let’s get this out of the way. Fashion is subjective. The height of fashion could be Seth Rollins, “Big TimeBecky Lynch, Cody Rhodes, Mansoor or many other wrestlers depending on your opinion.

Personally, nobody has hit fashion peaks reached by Raven.


So let’s start with an item that we can’t figure out whether it’s good or bad.

Every logo from the past 30-something WrestleMania events is emblazoned on one button-down short-sleeve shirt by RSVLTS.

Best WrestleMania Merchandise 

WrestleMania Goes Skaterboi  

WWE has released this dreamy California skater-style shirt. Featuring the WrestleMania Goes Hollywood logo on the front. California palm trees and sunset oversize print on the back. This shirt is the ‘most popular’ on Suggesting us wrestling nerds know more about fashion than some would believe.

Riddell Mini Speed Helmet 

One of the best pieces of WrestleMania merch for being outrageously macho, non-sensical, and as American as a hot dog with a firework in it.

We give you the WrestleMania 39 helmet.

Retro Logo Tee

Show me a non-nostalgic wrestling fan and I’ll show you a liar. Nothing beats the original WrestleMania logo and nothing beats this simple Homage tee

Worst WrestleMania Merchandise 

Poo-Brown Socks

In the words of Shawn Michaels ‘hands off the merchandise’.

The issue when you try and fade from black to gold is you are left with largely poo-brown. This is something that wasn’t discussed when WWE produced its WrestleMania socks. A film reel and the WrestleMania Goes Hollywood logo sits on top of these monstrosities that you should never put on your feet.  

Clapboard Shirt

Buried at the bottom of the online page is this ‘Clapboard’ shirt that looks like it took 30 seconds to brainstorm and 30 seconds to design.

If the Sunset long-sleeve tee is the equivalent of the well-told WrestleMania Championship feud, this Clapboard shirt is the hastily arranged pre-show battle royal.

You can explore the full WrestleMania 39 merchandise range here.

The WrestleMania Superstore will open at the LA Convention Center on Thursday, March 30 at noon. 

The store will flog its wares between 9 am and midnight between Friday and Monday (March 31 and April 3). 

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