CZW Planning Charity Event For New Jersey Youth

CZW Charity Event

Pro wrestling is always thought of for its over the top personalities, heated rivalries and crazy story lines. Often, outside of WWE, community work and charity events don’t get the recognition or credit they deserve. Of course, they don’t do it for the adulation or a pat on the back, but people should be aware of such things. One such instance is coming up on March 3rd in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, where Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) will host a charity event.

Rancocas Valley Regional High School has partnered up with Combat Zone Wrestling to raise money and awareness for Project Graduation; a school sanctioned post-grad party that is meant to give kids a safe party that doesn’t put them at risk of drunk driving or overdosing in celebration. The event will be sponsored by Donkey’s Place Steaks, also in Mt. Holly. The wrestling event and the party will both take place at the school.

CZW to Host Charity Event in March

CZW wants to be active in their community and what better way than to make sure these new graduates have a safe and enjoyable way to celebrate their big moment? Project Graduation may be happening on graduation night, but on March 3rd, CZW will be running a special show to raise funds for the party. The more funds raised, the better the party can be and the safer the kids will be because this will encourage them to make smart and sober decisions on graduation night.

So far, Eran Ashe, Matt Quay, EN Bush, Post Game (Miami Mike Walker and Vinny Talotta), CMD (Boom Harden and Desean Pratt), and The Rep (Nate Wallace and Dave McCall) are expected to be in attendance. Tickets will be available through CZW.

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