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WWE Should Produce More ‘Real-Life’ Video Packages

This week, WWE NXT aired a unique video package featuring Bron Breakker that wasn't your usual, standard fare
Bron Breakker WWE NXT 2.0

One thing that really stood out on this week’s episode of WWE NXT was a video package the company produced featuring Bron Breakker. It wasn’t your usual, standard fare.

The video, far different than most you see on WWE television, featured Breakker at home, fishing. The soundtrack to this production was simply his voice – discussing his life and career, in very ‘real’ terms. While it wasn’t an all-out shoot, it was very refreshing. WWE typically throws to the back for some kind of storyline development or some silly skit. It’s just been their formula. It’s a blueprint. And they have followed it ad nauseam.

However, not this time. This one was unique.

WWE Used a Real-Life Perspective to Explain Bron Breakker as a Person, Not Just a Character

This inside look at the real man – Bronson Rechsteiner – without using his name was brilliant. Everyone already knows who he is and where he comes from. WWE touched on just enough of those elements to paint a vivid picture of the current NXT Champion. It was different, and it’s not something they can do all the time. But for this moment in the show, it was right.

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NXT can often look like a carnival madhouse. In contrast, this took the viewer away from the chaos for a couple of minutes and allowed them to reset. Not to continue to belabor the point, but it was pretty far out of character for the promotion during a live show. They have produced full-length specials for Peacock, but mostly about legends. This was about an up-and-coming babyface, a rising star. And it aired smack dab in the middle of the weekly broadcast. So WWE should certainly be applauded for trying something out of the box.

There’s plenty of time on all the weekly programming, so why not do a lot more of these? Space them out over time and use them effectively. Sometimes, that ‘escape from the madness’ is just what a weary watcher is waiting for.

It’s a Really Small Detail but Could Be a Useful One

Granted, two minutes of a great video package by no means makes or breaks a show. The focus of any episode should be on the wrestling and the main storylines. That will never change. Nor should it.

This type of highlight is more like the sprinkles on your sundae. It’s not the ice cream. It’s not even the syrup. It’s just something that adds one last piece to the puzzle. It just felt like that when watching it live.

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WWE can ill afford to get too flowery. It’s still the rough and rugged world of professional wrestling, and that should NEVER change. But once in a while, a change of pace is a good thing, especially if it favors a promising prospect like Bron Breakker.

WWE has always done a fantastic job in terms of production value and storytelling. This was no exception. It was a light break in the episode that held your attention and didn’t make you want to turn the channel. Even if it had little to do with wrestling. The promotion took a small detail and wrapped an excellent promotional packet. Simple, yet brilliant.

Great work on this one from WWE.  Now? Let’s see some more.

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