Who Is the Longest Reigning NXT Champion of All Time?

Finn Balor NXT Champion

The NXT Championship has been around for roughly a decade now and has been held by some of the biggest names in wrestling today. With so many notable champions we’ve decided to figure out the answer to one major question. Who is the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time?

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Note: This list will be based on recognized days as champion which includes tape-delayed days.

Longest Reigning NXT Champion

  1. Adam Cole – 403 Days
  2. Finn Balor – 292 Days
  3. Adrian Neville (aka PAC) – 286 Days
  4. Bo Dallas (260 Days)
  5. Tommaso Ciampa – 237 Days
  6. Finn Balor (second reign) – 212 Days
  7. Bobby Roode – 202 Days
  8. Bron Breakker – 197 Days *current champion
  9. Big E – 153 Days
  10. Kevin Owens – 142 Days

The lineage of the NXT Championship is more vast than one would expect as the title is littered with reigns that went 100 days or less, with most not even passing 200 days. The top 10 list for the longest reigning NXT Champion ever is sure to continue changing as Bron Breakker moves up the list and eventual champions surpass the lower tier reigns like Big E and Kevin Owens.

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Our big question is how high does Bron Breakker make it on this list when all is said and done? Roode’s reign is in his sights, as is Balor’s second, but can he hold on to the title long enough to get past Bo Dallas?

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