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Good Brothers Are Back: What’s In Store For Their WWE Return

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Right Back Where They Belong

The Good Brothers Return to WWE – What’s Next

The season premiere of Monday Night Raw last night brought about a lot of new and exciting scenarios. Fans have eagerly awaited some of the most anticipated returns ever since Triple H was given the reigns, and the Game’s time at the helm hasn’t disappointed. Last night wasn’t only a reunion of the band of brothers collectively known as DX, but also the reunion of The O.C., more specifically it was the return of “The Good Brothers”.

The raucous crowd in Brooklyn, like all of us, was waiting for Gallows and Anderson as rumors had been rampant of their impending return to the WWE. The segment, in which Balor gave Styles one final shot at joining the Judgement Day, already had the crowd on hand standing in unison. Upon the arrival of Gallows and Anderson, the fans popped! It was a cool moment seeing them return, but it also sets up a world of possibilities as the Talk’n Shop hosts move into familiar WWE territory.

The brothers had a great final stint alongside AJ on their last go around but it ended abruptly following the classic Boneyard match in 2020. It’s good to see them return to a familiar role, but will it last? Even if it’s only a short reunification of the faction once known as “The Club”, hopefully the booking of this angle continues to be on point. The inclusion of the Good Brothers in the Styles/Judgment Day storyline fits perfectly. Add to the fact that the two have a storied history with Balor and it makes for exciting “what if” scenarios.

Stock Has Risen

Gallows and Anderson have found success in many different ventures since their departure from the WWE. Perhaps their greatest accomplishment is extending their overall branding for themselves, however. Whether winning the IMPACT tag titles, aligning themselves with Kenny Omega in The AEW/Impact storylines, or putting on their own Pay-Per-View, the duo has been killing it in their time away from WWE.

The WWE needs to capitalize on the rising stock of Gallows and Anderson. It’s great that they’re back by Styles’ side and opposing Balor, but there’s more to be explored. The two have proven that not only is wrestling their passion but marketing themselves as one of the most prominent teams in recent memory is, as well.

We don’t just need to see them as The Phenomenal One’s lackeys but as his equals. Under the new WWE creative regime tag teams have, and will most likely continue to thrive. That division needs veterans like Gallows and Anderson, and if we’re really lucky another reunion will manifest itself in the form of the Bloodline’s own Usos rekindling a rivalry from days past with the O.C.’s fearsome duo. Add to that that a Zayn/Gallows interaction may prove to be something that wasn’t on your “New year’s wrestling wish list” for 2022 but darn well should have been!

Whatever the future holds for Gallows and Anderson this time around in WWE, here’s hoping for more of them to be allowed to show their truest gift which is their love for the business. By default, this will enable some great storytelling, complete with all the things we’ve come to love from Gallows and Anderson.

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