Gallows And Anderson Officially Sign with IMPACT and Promise Slammiversary Debut

gallows and anderson

As Luke Gallows said when the clock struck midnight, the rumors and internet buzz were true. Both Gallows and Karl Anderson are headed to IMPACT Wrestling where they’ll debut on tonight’s Slammiversary.

A midnight deadline for the expiration of their non-compete clauses from WWE was all that stood in between Gallows and Anderson’s next step. While the duo first teased a return to Japan, rumors began to swirl when during an episode of the returning Talk’N’Shop podcast (where the Good Brothers recently released a very telling episode detailing their time in WWE), IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore called Gallows on the phone. From there, Gallows and Anderson were heavily linked to IMPACT Wrestling, where a Slammiversary debut was anticipated. And sure enough, that’s exactly what will happen as the duo revealed as much in an announcement made at 12AM on July 18th.

It was clear pretty early on that Gallows and Anderson were going to keep their team intact no matter where they went. A package deal since their days in NJPW and of course the WWE, the Good Brothers were released from their contracts back in April despite having only recently signed new deals with WWE. This is a major get for IMPACT, considering that “The Good Brothers” are three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions and two-time WWE Raw Tag Team Champions as well as big name free agents. For Anderson, this will mark his IMPACT debut, but for Gallows, it is a return to the company he was primarily with in 2012 and 2013. A member of Aces and Eights, a group that is also rumored to be returning to the company, Gallows last wrestled for IMPACT in 2015.

Now that they are officially signed, the Good Brothers have an opportunity to compete against some of the best and most unique tag teams in the world. Whether it is a fight with Reno Scum, an eye-popping bout with The Rascalz, or a long-awaited battle with the current IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The North‘s Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, there are no shortage of potential first challengers for Gallows and Anderson. They very well could even be the ones to answer The Rascalz open challenge tonight. No matter what happens, this is a fresh start for Gallows and Anderson and it’s clear they are ready to explore the next chapter in their careers.

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