Preview: WWE Raw Card (8/8/22) – Monday Night Raw Lineup

WWE Raw Card - Finn Balor vs Rey Mysterio graphic
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WWE Raw comes to us live tonight from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland, of course, is the hometown of The Miz. As well as of Dolph Ziggler. As those completely random “Battle Of Cleveland” matches those two would have liked to remind us for a few years. This is a rather famous WWE venue previously known from the Attitude Era days all the way until Eugene beat Kurt Angle for his gold medal, setting up their match at Summerslam. Huh. And they say those were “good ol’ days”. Most notably, it was the home of the infamous “Simulcast Raw/Nitro”. As it hosted WWF Raw on March 26, 2001. The go-home Raw for the amazing Wrestlemania X-Seven as well as the night WCW died, as we saw Shane McMahon “buy it from under his father’s nose.” With that all said let’s get into the WWE Raw Card.

WWE Raw Card for August 8, 2022

They’re Still Judging The Mysterio’s

If anything, this should be something of a dream match. As the multi-time IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion Finn Balor, then Prince Devitt, takes on the man that made that Jr. Heavyweight banner a mainstream thing in the U.S., Rey Mysterio. And now with Triple H’s looser reigns no less. So, there should be no excuse for this match not to deliver.

A silver lining as this saga between the seemingly directionless Judgment Day continues it’s loop with the Mysterio family. But the real question is if Edge will lend a hand somehow. Actually……… That’s not the real question. The real question is if Rhea Ripley will once again assert herself over Dominik as the internet watches in “interest”.

Who Gets A Fairy-Tail Ending?

Starting with Summerslam, every main-roster WWE show has had one major instance of letting us know that “The King Of Kings” is now the one with the creative helm of the company. From IYO SKY and Dakota Kai being re-introduced, to Karrion Kross returning and instantly being injected into the main event scene, Raw had a different way of showing it. As the show was strictly dedicated to reminding us that Bobby Lashley’s United States Championship is supposed to be pretty important. Not just by showcasing the ‘All-Mighty’ title holder, but by also showcasing the title lineage itself and also elevating well-known “Triple H Guy” Tommaso Ciampa from his spot as Miz’ bizarrely place sidekick to being the front of that act now.

After two spectacular performances including a very solid victory over former 2x WWE Champion and Wrestlemania headliner AJ Styles, Tommaso Ciampa now finds himself having a massive opportunity against ‘The All-Mighty’ Bobby Lashley.

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Other Notes:

* Clash At The Castle is a month away. So there is some time to see matches form and be announced. However, one that is just missing a place for it to happen is the Summerslam cancelled match between Seth ‘Freakin (please kill that, HHH)’ Rollins and ‘The Original Bro’ Matt Riddle. As reports indicated that creative did not want to exhaust the match, we just need to announce it, after seeing Setth attack and injure Riddle for weeks now.

* With a new heel force and Becky Lynch gone, what’s next for Bianca Belair? Will we go straight into yet another re-visited feud for her against Bayley? Or will IYO SKY or Dakota Kai be the ones to get that crack against her instead?

* Announced on Smackdown, details for the tournament to revive the Women’s Tag Team titles will be revealed tonight on Raw. And wouldn’t you know it, we went from no pairings in the division to a potential three at least right now. More than likely more teams will be formed tonight as the tournament sets and there is even the chance for these teams to actually matter now as the ‘Triple H days’ continue to go by.

All that and more tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw.

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