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Preview: Pro Wrestling GRIND – Antisocial (4/29/22)

Pro Wrestling GRIND Antisocial

As Pro Wrestling GRIND looks to bring fans their fifth show – entitled Antisocial – perhaps more amazing than these debuts and the card itself is the fact that a GRIND Heavyweight Championship was recently shown on Twitter. This can only fuel the fire within these wrestlers, knowing in the back of their minds that wins and losses matter even more now since they have a prize which they are fighting for! This card promises non-stop mayhem and could also produce more than one Match of the Year candidate.

Pro Wrestling GRIND Presents Antisocial – Full Card

Myung Jae Lee (0-1) vs Cabana Man Dan (0-1)

Myung Jae Lee made his debut for GRIND at their second show and lost a match against Travis Huckabee, who would later go on to disrespect him. Cabana Man Dan hasn’t been in the green and black since the first GRIND show, at which he lost in a tough effort to Alec Price. The strikes and speed are going to be key here and this match will most likely see someone score their first victory in GRIND at Antisocial.

The Work Horsemen (N/A) vs The Saito Bros. (0-1)

Though JD Drake has made one appearance in GRIND, a losing effort in January to Jay Freddie, Anthony Henry has yet to debut. The Work Horsemen might be the most solid team in all of professional wrestling right now as their singles components are just as dangerous as when they are together. But then, they are set to face The Saito Bros., who are the total package. The Saito Bros. took a loss to The Mane Event last month, so they will be hungry for a win here, but still have the toughest of tasks ahead of them.

Logan Black (3-0) vs Joseph Alexander (N/A)

Logan Black is not only one of the only wrestlers in GRIND who is still undefeated. He also has one of the highest undefeated records as he has only missed one show. Joseph Alexander has been slowly making a name for himself, coming out of the school where he was trained by none other than Black. Perhaps the best way to find out what Alexander has got is to throw him right into the fire and what better way to do that than against his teacher, against the 3-0 and most unpredictable Logan Black. It looked like O’Shay Edwards had Black beaten at Price Of A Mile, but Black still powered back and won that much somehow. Does Joseph Alexander have what it takes to defeat Logan Black? Does anyone?

Travis Huckabee (2-1) vs Mike Skyros (N/A)

Travis Huckabee has really been finding his groove in GRIND. At the first show, Huckabee lost a match to Rip Byson (who is undefeated) but since then, The Golden Grappler has picked up hard-fought victories over Myung Jae Lee and Perry Von Vicious. This puts Huckabee in a very interesting position as he is set to face the debuting Mike Skyros. The Moonlight Son is someone who has made a name for himself across New England and has some of the most aggressive strikes anyone will ever see. This is going to be a different fight than when Huckabee took on Von Vicious. Skyros is also not going to let Huckabee disrespect him the same way Huckabee disrespected Myung Jae Lee after their match. This is going to be violence personified as Pro Wrestling GRIND presents Antisocial.

Kevin Ku (0-1) vs Rip Byson (4-0)

Kevin Ku has not been seen since the debut GRIND show, where he suffered a hard-fought loss against Matt Makowski. Rip Byson is the only wrestler in all of Pro Wrestling GRIND who is undefeated at 4-0, having picked up victories on every show to date. This match should be a nice clash of styles with Ku out to prove that he isn’t a 0-2 wrestler and that he belongs in that GRIND ring. One day soon, Violence Is Forever might make their into a GRIND ring but until then, Ku has to do this on his own.

Ryan Mooney (1-1) vs Channing Thomas (0-1)

Perhaps the most intriguing match on a card full of interesting matchups, Ryan Mooney makes his return to GRIND after a knock-down-drag-out fight against Gary Jay last month. Furthermore, after both of those warriors put each other through hell (go see the photos of Mooney from after the match on Twitter), The Rabid Honey Badger somehow managed to still score the win! Channing Thomas came into GRIND with a loss in his debut, but that should only motivate him to want to win this match. This will definitely be one to keep your eye on because the idea of this turning into the type of battle that Ryan Mooney had last month would have a lot of fans seeing Channing Thomas in a new light.

Perry Von Vicious (3-1) vs Jay Freddie (2-1)

Perry Von Vicious and Jay Freddie are perhaps two of the most similar wrestlers in all of GRIND and not because of their in-ring styles. Both have been wrestling for a lot longer than most probably think and are criminally underrated. They have seemingly found a home in GRIND, showcasing some of their best matches there. Von Vicious has a tough loss against Travis Huckabee, but at Price Of A Mile, he got the win over BEEF. Freddie also only has one loss, which came against Rip Byson, and last month, he picked up a victory over Manders. This is really either wrestler’s match to win but what a match it is going to be.

Delmi Exo (1-0) vs Anthony Greene (N/A)

Last month, in yet another Match of the Year contender that GRIND seems to be so easily creating, Delmi Exo took on and defeated Willow Nightingale. Anthony Greene now finds himself in a similar position as he makes his debut in GRIND. However, if there is a wrestling promotion out there, odds are good that AG has wrestled there; he is just that good. In terms of having that look, talking on the mic, and getting it done in the ring, there might not be a more complete wrestler out there right now than Greene. This is going to be a special match with fans left on the edge of their seats watching it.

The aftermath of this show will likely play heavily into a decision in crowning a first-ever GRIND Heavyweight Champion. It is possible that those who have more losses (such as an 0-2 wrestler) go up against someone with more wins (such as a 2-0 wrestler) in first-round matches; if this is in tournament style, this just makes this show that much more important. GRIND always has a way out of making each show better than the last and based on this card, Antisocial should be the best. For tickets and more information, please visit Eventbrite.

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