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Preview: Chaotic Wrestling – Cold Fury (4/15/22)

Chaotic Wrestling Cold Fury

For the first time since before the pandemic, Chaotic Wrestling returns with their biggest show of the year- Cold Fury! What is hoped to be the culmination of feuds, this show has a big card feel and that is impressive for Chaotic Wrestling, which has consistently well-rounded cards.

Chaotic Wrestling Presents Cold Fury – Full Card

Armani Kayos w/ Shannon LeVangie vs Paris Van Dale w/ Gal Barkay

The Highers have imploded here as Armani Kayos will go one-on-one with his once BFF, Paris Van Dale. Both Kayos and Van Dale have been picking up some big singles wins since going their separate ways. While PVD has had Gal Barkay by her side, Kayos now finds himself with Shannon LeVangie at his side to even the odds. This should be the fairest one-on-one contest for these two and hopefully, after this match, the score between these two can be settled, with the winner potentially going on to receive a Pan Optic Championship match!

Pan Optic Championship: Aaron Rourke (c) vs Flip Gordon

Since returning to Chaotic Wrestling, Flip Gordon has lost a Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match against JT Dunn as well as a New England Championship Match against Ricky Smokes. So, to perhaps prove he is the biggest overall loser, Gordon now challenges for the only singles title he has not yet had a chance to fail at capturing: The Pan Optic Championship. Aaron Rourke has been on an absolute roll not just in Chaotic Wrestling but everywhere, so it’s third verse same as the first at Cold Fury.

Alec Price vs Anthony Greene

The last time Alec Price and Anthony Greene went one on one, it was for the Limitless Wrestling Championship, a match in which Price won the title from AG. Now, in only their second singles match ever, Price and AG go one on one again and hope to recreate that magic from what was one of the best matches of 2021. The Limitless crowd seemed to be mixed between Price and AG, but Chaotic may more likely give AG their crowd support with Price still being somewhat of the heel here. This is going to be a match to go out of your way to see simply because of who is involved in it.

Ace Romero vs Love, Doug (I Love You To Death Match)

Few wrestlers out there have had the same troubles with The Unit as Love, Doug has had and to say that they have seemingly gone out of their way to try and kill Love, Doug would be an understatement. Thus, Love, Doug finally gets Ace Romero in an I Love You To Death Match, which can hopefully settle this feud one way or another. It will be interesting because of Love, Doug can win here, he can seemingly move on and The Unit shouldn’t bother him any more. But if Love, Doug loses, it does feel possible that he might join The Unit, fulfilling the old cliché of, “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

New England Championship: Ricky Smokes (c) vs Brad Cashew vs Mortar

The odds seem to be stacked against Ricky Smokes as he defends the New England Championship against two of the top talents in Chaotic Wrestling: Brad Cashew and Mortar. While Cashew could feel some sense of closure in reclaiming the New England Championship here, it would also be less than an upset if Mortar were to come out of this match with the gold!

CW Tag Team Championship Match: The Unit (Mike Verna / Trigga The O.G. / Danny Miles) (c) vs Matt Taven / Vincent / Dutch

One of the advantages that The Unit has had since becoming CW Tag Team Champions is that it is never really known which two members of The Unit will defend the titles! With everyone else in their own matches, it was announced that three members of The Unit would put the Titles on the line against Matt Taven, Vincent and Dutch– which just looks to be the biggest force The Unit has faced yet. This is going to be a hard-hitting affair and even in victory everyone will come out of this one worse for the wear.

Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: JT Dunn (c) Davienne

With all of JT Dunn’s friends in The Unit seemingly occupied in other matches throughout the night, should someone like Chase Del Monte, Alisha Edwards, or Dango decide to get involved in this huge title match, there will also be a steel cage to keep them at bay. When Davienne won the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, it was not only one of the biggest moments in the history of CW, but it was a huge moment in the history of professional wrestling on the whole. That title was then robbed from Davienne back in January and while having to deal with The Unit in some form or another, she just hasn’t been given a fair chance at a rematch.

This match has all of the potential to be a turning point for Chaotic Wrestling and it will be one that is much needed. Lately, The Unit has been running things in Chaotic Wrestling, making a once great company begin to feel like “End of Days” World Championship Wrestling. Hopefully, Davienne winning back the title- that she never really lost- will become the catalyst for things to sit right in Chaotic Wrestling once again. This may also signal the proverbial cutting the head off of the snake, watching the rest of The Unit fall as well.

This all goes down live on Friday, April 15th, 2022. For tickets and more information, please visit:

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