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Preview: Test Of Strength – Lone Survivor (3/5/22)

Test Of Strength Lone Survivor

Test Of Strength returns with Lone Survivor and along with other familiar names, Davey Richards will be in action, as well as Sumie Sakai. This show will have huge title matches and matches with major title implications. It all goes down in Waterbury, Connecticut, and is certainly not to be missed!

Test Of Strength Presents Lone Survivor

Number One Contender Trios Gauntlet Match: Dicky Moon/Mark Alexander/Marvelous vs the Stepdads/Ryan Fraust w/Jimmy Meaz vs Lucas Chase/TJ Howell III/Travis Jacobs w/Aubrey vs SWB/Matias De Napoli/Love, Doug vs ?/Amber Carreras/Notorious Mimi vs ?/Waves & Curls

While this match was originally supposed to have Love, Doug teaming with Amber Carreras and Mimi, the wrestlers have been shifted. On top of that, Waves & Curls were set to team with Encore Moore, but now, Moore is no longer on this show. For all of the wrestlers in this match, the idea is that whichever trio wins receives a title shot of their choosing, so if Waves & Curls were to have teamed with Encore Moore and they won, Waves & Curls could get a tag team title shot while Encore Moore could choose a singles title opportunity. There are many unknown components in this match, but if you were interested in betting on it, the best place to put your money would be on the team of The Stepdads and Ryan Fraust.

There are certainly enough wrestlers in this match that Marvelous could get a singles title shot for the K1 Championship while Hippy Dicky Moon and Mark Alexander go for tag team gold or perhaps SWB gets a singles title shot, but it feels like The Stepdads are in line for a tag team title shot and Ryan Fraust is so beloved by the TOS fans that him receiving a singles title opportunity and possibly becoming the TOS Champion would be something all fans would like to see.

The Mission (Dan DeMan/Brother Greatness w/Patrick Saint) vs The Firm (Richard E Stone/Jay Bryxx)

While other members of these two factions will be otherwise preoccupied, this match should provide little to no closure for this feud but any chance to see the stylish outfit of Dan DeMan is worth the price of admission. DeMan and Brother Greatness have been a somewhat unlikely pairing that has somehow worked. Richard E Stone and Jay Bryxx might have the disadvantage here, but when this match is over, it is likely that the feud will still be ongoing.

Sumie Sakai vs Evie De La Rosa w/Patrick Saint

While fans might be wondering just who Evie De La Rosa is and why she is in a match with one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into a ring- Sumie Sakai– those are just questions that only De La Rosa can answer. After De La Rosa interfered and cost Karen Bam Bam the TOS Championship, that story seemed to fade away. Now, De La Rosa receives the biggest match of her career while Bam Bam is nowhere to be found. Sakai brings out the absolute best in everyone so if De La Rosa can’t impress some fans here, perhaps she just never will.

TOS Tag Team Championship: The Firm (c) Miracle Generation

While this can feel like a feud that never ends, the chance for Miracle Generation to become TOS Tag Team Champions seems like a story that will not end until they do. All four of these wrestlers are at the top of their game right now, with three fourths of them appearing for promotions such as Blitzkrieg! Pro and Wrestling Open. Though there is no denying the greatness of The FirmSammy Diaz and Elijah Sixx– it might be that time when Dustin Waller and Kylon King have finally figured them out and will walk away from this match with the gold.

K1 Classic Championship: Ichiban (c) vs Davey Richards

Few wrestlers can connect with a crowd the way that Ichiban can. The fan favorite has been making his name known throughout New England and it seems like only a matter of time before Ichiban becomes a worldwide name. This very well may be the biggest match in Ichiban’s career because not only is it a K1 Classic Championship defense but it is against one of the single best wrestlers in the world today, someone who has been across the ring recently from MLW Heavyweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone, Malakai Black, ACH, and Kevin Blackwood. Davey Richards may beat down Ichiban but if nothing else, from Ichiban’s title victory over Mike Skyros, it should be known that Ichiban is tough and this will be a war to keep the title right where it is.

TOS Championship Four Way Match: Magnificent Marcos (c) w/Honest Abe vs Mike Skyros vs Bobby Ocean vs Danny Miles

The hope going into this match would be that since it is a four way, the odds are stacked against Marcos and this match should see a new TOS Champion. Whether it is Danny Miles, Bobby Ocean, or Mike Skyros isn’t as important as the three simple words: Anyone But Marcos. Ocean and Skyros both have the best cases for being champion here, with Ocean having some of the best matches in TOS last year and Skyros carrying the K1 Classic Championship to new heights as well. This very possibly could be the night on which TOS sees a new champion and it remains to be seen whether Karen Bam Bam will have her overdue rematch.

All of this and possibly more goes down on March 5, 2022 as Test Of Strength presents Lone Survivor in Waterbury, CT! Tickets are $15 in advance/$20 at the door and for the chance to see Davey Richards and Sumie Sakai alone it is more than worth it! For tickets and more info, click here.

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