Preview: WWR+ Galentine’s Day Massacre (2/13/22)

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After a short hiatus and only being featured as part of some super shows with Beyond Wrestling, WWR+ makes its return to the White Eagle in Worcester, MA for a nice Sunday afternoon show.   This show also just happens to be the day before Valentine’s Day so it can be expected that Love, Doug will be in the building.   There are also reports that the show will start at 2pm and be over in time for you to watch the Super Bowl, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Now, onto the card got Galentine’s day massacre!

Galentine’s Day Massacre Full Card

Paris Van Dale vs Shannon LeVangie

Paris Van Dale is returning to WWR+ but possibly alone while Shannon LeVangie is making her debut here. This is going to be the type of match where you see two young, up-and-coming wrestlers go all out so that they can impress to the point in which they are offered a returning spot. This match has that feeling of there only being one open roster spot and both of these wrestlers are competing for it. This is going to surprise a lot of people, but it’s also going to be action-packed.

Tina San Antonio vs JC Storm

Tina San Antonio has made quite the name for herself within WWR+, mostly by attacking fan favorite Willow Nightingale. But the fact that Tina San Antonio is largely booed should in no way be a reflection of her skill within that ring. As a relative newcomer, JC Storm is likely in over her head here. While this match could start with JC Storm playing to the crowd and trying to be cheered, it will likely end with JC Storm looking for any kind of lifesaving device because Tina San Antonio will just leave her lost at sea.

Kayla Sparks vs Edith Surreal

Kayla Sparks made her return to Worcester back in July of 2021 as part of “Pain For Pleasure”, losing to Rebecca Scott. Though Kayla Sparks did some of the super shows since then, she has also appeared for AEW and Mission Pro Wrestling. Edith Surreal was originally supposed to be in the main event of the return of WWR+, for “Let’s Talk About Wrestling”, against Trish Adora. Both of these wrestlers are going to be looking for that ever-important victory here but this is also the type of match where it feels like each of these wrestlers could bring out the best in each other. This could be the match to steal the show.

Alisha Edwards vs Davienne

Not counting the super shows, Alisha Edwards has a loss to Kennedi Copeland in WWR+ since their return last May, but it was by DQ. Alisha Edwards is also one of the wrestlers to receive the loudest boos in Worcester, MA. Davienne has been put up against the best WWR+ has to offer and though she picked up a win over Delmi Exo she then went on something of a losing streak against Trish Adora and Megan Bayne. This will also be the second time that these two wrestlers face each other in a span of three days so there will be some established tension at play.

Kings Of The District vs Hardcore Geeks

Kings Of The District are arguably *the* tag team in WWR+ and really anywhere they go they seem to hold that distinction as well. While Kennedi Copeland and Riley Shepard have been on both the winning and losing end of matches in WWR+ this is the first time they are teaming together here and it should be quite the show. This match will be as technical as it is a brawl and perhaps the chaos will be more than one referee can control.

Little Mean Kathleen vs Delmi Exo

The paths taken by Little Mean Kathleen and Delmi Exo in WWR+ have been quite different. LMK had matches with Kaia McKenna while Delmi Exo had a singles match against Davienne and another against B3CCA but she came out on the losing end both times. LMK is a rising star, just dominating everything in her path in MA and beyond. Delmi Exo has taken some time away from the ring and as this will be her first match back in a while, she will also return with a new attitude. This is worth tuning in just to see the new approach to winning that Delmi Exo can take and the unpredictability captured in human form as LMK.

Allie Katch vs Ashley D’Amboise

When Allie Katch was announced for this show it felt special because it feels like Allie Katch exists only within this bubble known as GCW. So when a match such as this occurs (or when Allie Katch wrestled Davienne in Limitless, for example) it always feels like some kind of super showdown. Ashley D’Amboise has had matches on all three of the WWR+ shows since the return while also appearing for various other promotions. This match really feels like worlds are colliding and these two will certainly bring out the best in each other. This is going to be technical, perhaps a little bit friendly, and really just overall a match of the year contender because both of these wrestlers are stars.

Jody Threat vs ???

While Megan Bayne sits on this undefeated streak which is seemingly going nowhere, Jody Threat is now left without an opponent as the Megasus is out of this match with an injury. That’s one way to protect your undefeated streak. Whoever Jody Threat faces should be quite the fight as Jody Threat always delivers inside of that ring. Whether or not this name is announced before the show (as of this writing it has not been) leaves a certain sense of mystery about the entire show. Some of the WWR+ regulars such a Kaia McKenna, B3CCA, and Trish Adora are unavailable, leaving things truly up in the air.

AC Mack vs Willow Nightingale

Ever since AC Mack won the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship (aka Iris) the Championship has become relevant again. This is a match that was teased at first but then came up rather quickly and delightfully so. Aside from everything happening between the north and south of independent wrestling, it should be noted (objectively) that Willow Nightingale did have an opportunity against Wheeler Yuta for Iris so this being a non-title match isn’t completely unmerited, no matter how much love Willow Nightingale gets.

For the first time in quite a while, something big is happening in independent wrestling. This is something that people will talk about long after we are all gone. And it is all being lead by AC Mack. If you are able to make it to Worcester for this show, this is the match that should sell you on it. If Worcester is too far, this is the reason to tune in on IWTV. Every match on this card stands on its own merits but this is the one that will no doubt become such a vital piece of history.

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