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Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Heavy Lies The Crown (12/31/21)

Beyond Wrestling Heavy Lies The Crown

Though Heavy Lies The Crown closes out the year for Beyond Wrestling, and looks to be an interesting show, one can’t help but wonder if it will in fact be a better show than the Uncharted Territory Season 3 Finale the night before it. Without an IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship match, and few of these matches feeling like they’re feud-ending, this card looks fine on paper, but perhaps these past thirteen weeks of Uncharted Territory could have been better used building up matches here.

Beyond Wrestling’s Heavy Lies The Crown – Full Card

44OH (Rickey Shane Page/Gregory Iron/Bobby Beverly) vs Club Cam (Aaron Rourke/Bobby Orlando/Bryce Donovan)

Is there any sense of history in this match? Is there a purpose behind it? Are these just the 44OH members who were left off of the Game Changer Wrestling New Year’s weekend and are going up against Club Cam because they both happen to be factions? The fans will eat this one up because the idea of Rickey Shane Page and company inflicting violence upon Club Cam is interesting, but it could have just been such a better match if there was a story behind it and it didn’t just feel like the rest of the card was booked and these were the wrestlers left over.

Leyla Hirsch vs Alec Price (w/B3CCA)

Though Beyond might not acknowledge it, there is a little bit of history here as B3CCA recently faced Leyla Hirsch in Chaotic Wrestling, but it wasn’t the type of match that called for Hirsch to go one on one with Alec Price. Through thirteen episodes of Uncharted Territory, it’s a shame that there wasn’t a better match for Alec Price and B3CCA than this one. While Leyla Hirsch and Price will engage in an intense battle, this just sets the trend of Heavy Lies The Crown as being amazing matches without stories behind them to give them that extra spark.

Vincent vs Dan Barry

Dan Barry has a great history with Dutch, who he wrestled at Fete Forever, and now Barry seems to be going against another member of The Righteous in Vincent (not Virgil in World Championship Wrestling). This match feels like it’s backwards though, as perhaps Dan Barry should have had to go through Vincent, Bateman, and Vita VonStarr before getting to Dutch, would could have then had them in a huge match here to close out the year, but to try to make sense in the booking is futile.

Megan Bayne vs Trish Adora

There was a time when this would have been a huge match in Women’s Wrestling Revolution Plus as both Megan Bayne and Trish Adora were undefeated. Bayne remains undefeated while Adora has been part of some losses in multi-person matches and went to a double pin with Shockwave The Robot. But let’s face it: when Adora’s most recent win in Beyond Wrestling came against Brian Johnson, this match just seems to have lost a lot of its steam. It will be a good match with fans cheering for Trish Adora and booing Megan Bayne, but this might not end the undefeated streak of Bayne, and at this point, that no longer seems to matter anyway.

JD Drake vs Slade

Though there is little to no build-up to this match, the fact that Slade and JD Drake will just beat each other up until it feels like one of them is dead will make this match worthwhile. This won’t be a wrestling match- this will be a war.

IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Willow Nightingale

Several weeks ago, a four-way match was announced for Uncharted Territory between B3CCA, Kennedi Copeland, Willow Nightingale and Davienne for an IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Championship shot against Jordynne Grace at Heavy Lies The Crown. Prior to the match, it was announced that both B3CCA and Nightingale were unavailable, but the assumption was that the winner of Copeland vs Davienne would go on to face Grace at Heavy Lies The Crown; so much for that idea. Kennedi Copeland, as of this writing, doesn’t even have a match scheduled for Heavy Lies The Crown.

Jordynne Grace vs Willow Nightingale is a great match up and being for the IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Championship makes it feel that much more special. It just might feel more special if Grace was actually in a Beyond Wrestling ring during Uncharted Territory or that match to get into this match actually meant something those few weeks back. But that’s the story of Heavy Lies The Crown: great matchups but with little build-up and stories behind most all of them.

Jonathan Gresham & Rhett Titus vs Tracy Williams & Wheeler Yuta

While this should be a good technical wrestling tag team match one might see in Ring of Honor, it has to be wondered who Beyond Wrestling pissed off that they are able to book Jonathan Gresham but cannot have an ROH World Championship match. Again, this isn’t going to be a bad match, but when you think about how this season of Uncharted Territory has played out, it feels like this match could have been so much more.

Max The Impaler vs Jody Threat

A more recent addition to this show, Max The Impaler vs Jody Threat is going to be a battle between two wrestlers who are known to not only dish out the punishment but take it to the point where it seems like they simply cannot die. This will quite possibly be the match that steals the entire show, and though it has seemingly no build behind, it the mere idea of these two simply fighting for survival seems important enough.

Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Kimber Lee vs Masha Slamovich

Though most of the matches on this show don’t seem to have a story behind them, Masha Slamovich and Kimber Lee have been thorns in each other’s sides for almost this entire year. Slamovich picked up a victory at Fete Forever, though by DQ, so this match where the Fans Bring The Weapons seems to be the next logical step. Slamovich has been dominating week in and week out on Uncharted Territory and despite what is voted upon, Slamovich is the MVP of Uncharted Territory this season in the eyes of many. Lee used to be that ace in Beyond Wrestling but isn’t quite as much since spending more time in IMPACT Wrestling, where Slamovich signed this year. This is going to be a great match for power within Beyond Wrestling, but this rivalry may never end (and that’s fine).

It was announced that Josh Woods is off of this show, leaving Vincent Nothing without an opponent as of this writing, and at this point, it might not even matter who the replacement is. This entire season of Uncharted Territory has been a wild ride and it could have all built to matches for this show, but it mostly did not.

Heavy Lies The Crown takes place in Worcester, MA on December 31, 2021 as part of The Wrestival. It will be streamed live on IWTV. Tickets and more information can be found here.


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