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Preview: C4 ‘Never Say Never Again’ (11/12/21)

C4 Never Say Never Again

One of the hardest-hit scenes in pro wrestling during the COVID era of 2020 was undoubtedly the Canadian indie circuit. With strict COVID lockdown protocols, Canadian indie wrestling was essentially put on hiatus for an entire year, if not longer. Canada didn’t have the luxury of some provinces having more lax protocols like their U.S. counterparts, and thus hundreds upon hundreds of Canadian indie stars were unable to compete. Either in their home country or in the U.S. (due to travel restrictions). Thanks to Canada’s re-opening in the past few months, Canadian indies are finally starting to see a thaw and they’re restarting across the country. In Ontario, Ottawa’s Capital City Championship Combat (C4) has easily been one of, if not the, most consistent and influential indie promotion of the past decade. On Friday night, they return to action with C4 Never Say Never Again (although C4 made their official return to live-action with C4 Fighting Back X, a cancer benefit, in September). Like all C4 events, this one will air on delay on (IWTV).

C4 Never Say Never Again – Full Card (11/12/21)

Myung Jae Lee vs. Aiden Prince vs. James Stone vs. Boomer Hatfield

Myung Jae Lee vs. Aiden Prince vs. James Stone vs. Boomer Hatfield C4 Never Say Never Again
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

A four-way match-up between some great talents from both sides of the border. Myung Jae Lee is a Korean-American wrestler who has been building some buzz of late. Particularly in the Canadian indies with recent appearances for Barrie Wrestling and Quebec’s Interspecies Wrestling (ISW), plus appearances for Limitless Wrestling and Global Syndicate Wrestling in the U.S. Aiden Prince is one of Ontario’s top high flyers. A regular with Border City Wrestling in his hometown of Windsor, plus Destiny Wrestling. He’s also made multiple appearances for IMPACT Wrestling during their Canadian tapings. James Stone is a veteran of the Quebec scene, notably as part of the tag team Heavy Metal Chaos, where he’s a former 2x C4 Tag Team Champion. Rounding out the foursome for this match is Boomer Hatfield. Who has been a standout in Camp Leapfrog, Beyond Wrestling, and Limitless following a great start with CHIKARA. Expect lots of action in this one.

Puf, Sexxxy Eddy & Alexia Nicole vs. Vedas Scott & The Voros Twins

Puf, Sexxxy Eddy & Alexia Nicole vs. Vedas Scott & The Voros Twins Never Say Never Again C4
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

Two great trios teams unite for more fun in a C4 ring as one of the Buffalo Brothers, Puf, teams up with Quebec legend Sexxxy Eddy and Ontario indie darling Alexia Nicole. Puf has spent a great deal in the Ontario/Canadian indies and is as beloved north of the border as he is in the U.S. Sexxxy Eddy has been an enigmatic madman for over 20 years with the likes of CZW and Quebec indies like ISW, International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS), and Northern Championship Wrestling (nCw). Alexia Nicole was really gaining momentum in the U.S. in 2019 before the lockdown, working for the likes of IMPACT Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, SHIMMER, and Ring of Honor. Their squad will be facing a unit led by indie veteran Veda Scott. Who will be pairing up with Vancouver’s Voros Twins, one of Canada’s most decorated indie tag teams of the past few years. A lot of big personalities in this one, which should deliver on the mat and in your hearts.

Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza & Vaughn Vertigo) vs. Philly Marino Experience (Marino Tenaglia & Philly Collins) vs. Matt Angel & Kobe Durst vs. The True Main Event (Cornelius Crummels & Sonny DeFarge)

Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza & Vaughn Vertigo) vs. Philly Marino Experience (Marino Tenaglia & Philly Collins) vs. Matt Angel & Kobe Durst vs. The True Main Event (Cornelius Crummels & Sonny DeFarge) Twins Never Say Never Again C4
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

A huge tag team four-way, Fight or Flight have been tearing it up in Canada for years now. 2x C4 Tag Team Champions, Fight or Flight have been competing for the likes of Smash Wrestling, Alpha-1, and more, winning gold in multiple promotions. The Philly Marino Experience has been a huge part of Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), where they’re reigning 3x AIW Tag Team Champions. As well as Freelance Wrestling, Black Label Pro, and many other Midwest promotions. Matt Angel and Kobe Durst are both vets of the Canadian scene. Angel in Quebec and Durst in Ontario, and after feuding for parts of 2018 and 2019, they united as a tag team and began to take over C4, capturing the C4 Tag Team titles that June. Prior to COVID, Durst was also exploding into the U.S. indie scene. Holding the Black Label Pro Heavyweight Championship for 221-days for much of 2019, after holding the BLP Midwest Championship for 122-days prior. These two will be looking to re-assert themselves at the top of the C4 food chain. The final team is no slouches either. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny DeFarge – now calling themselves The True MAIN Event. They were a formidable tag team in CHIKARA, and held the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas (Tag Team) titles for 192-days from 2016 to 2017.

Davey Richards vs. “Young Bull” Junior Benito

Davey Richards vs. "Young Bull" Junior Benito Never Say Never Again C4
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

Davey Richards has been on a tear since he made his return to pro wrestling this past summer after an absence of several years. The former ROH World Champion has been taking on all comers, from dream matches with huge stars to working with up-and-coming talents. Junior Benito has been one of Ontario’s best-kept secrets the past few years as he’s made his own ascent in the game. He’s been facing top world talents already such as “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Josh Alexander in the past year. “The Young Bull”, who also competes for the likes of Barrie Wrestling, IWS, Acclaim Pro Wrestling (APW), and others, is ready for the next step. Facing someone like Richards is just the motivation he needs. Keep your eye on Benito, as he’s on the verge of big things.

LuFisto vs. Josh Bishop

LuFisto vs. Josh Bishop Never Say Never Again C4
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

This has all the ingredients for being the heaviest hitting match on the card. Canadian and women’s wrestling pioneer and legend LuFisto has been a trailblazer since the late 90s and continues to inspire new generations of wrestlers, both women, and men. A former Shine and WSU Champion – not to mention beating Kevin Owens for the CZW Iron Man title back in 2006 – LuFisto has faced them all. Joshua Bishop is one of the legit lunatics in the U.S. indie scene. A madman that has been one of AIW’s most dominant stars the past few years. Since 2019, he’s become a 2x AIW Absolute Champion, 2x AIW Intense Champion, and captured the AIW Tag Team titles with Wes Barkley in the Rip City Shooters. He’s also making his mark in BLP, GCW, and many other indies, but on Friday night, he may have met his match in “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto.

Kevin Ku vs. Mathieu St-Jacques

Kevin Ku vs. Mathieu St-Jacques Never Say Never Again C4
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

Kevin Ku made his C4 debut in January of 2020, just before lockdowns began. He returns to Ottawa on Friday night for his singles debut for C4. Now that his tag team, Violence is Forever, is on a brief hiatus, Ku has been strengthening his singles game the past year. On Friday he’s going to face to face with one of Quebec’s true tough guys. Like Ku, Mathieu St-Jacques is known for being part of a rough and tumble tag team, the monstrous Le Tabarnak de Team. Who are the current 3x C4 Tag Team Champions and 4x IWS Tag Team Champions. On Friday, these two men will be going solo in what is sure to be a measuring stick for heavy hands.

Never Say Never Again Main Event: Title vs Title: C4 Champion “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. C4 Underground Champion Kevin Blackwood

 "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs. Kevin Blackwood Never Say Never Again C4
Photo Credit / C4 Wrestling

At C4 Fighting Back X in September, “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated AEW’s Daniel Garcia to become the new C4 Champion. Now he’s facing his first title defense and it’s against another one of the Buffalo Brothers in Kevin Blackwood. Like all the Buffalo Brothers, Blackwood is no stranger to Ontario indie wrestling and has been competing at C4 since 2018. He’s also the reigning C4 Underground Champion, but on Friday he’s putting it all on the line in a title vs. title match against C4’s new Champion Speedball. Both men combine high levels of athleticism with strong technical skills, so this could go anywhere – but regardless of its destination, it should be another classic match in C4.

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