Five Potential Matches for Jonathan Gresham in AEW

Who Could Jonathan Gresham face in AEW?
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With the news of Ring of Honor’s hiatus starting in December, and the subsequent contract release of all talent. The possibility for several dream matches has just skyrocketed, to say the least. Several of the most talented wrestlers in the world work for Ring of Honor. The roster boasts a beautiful blend of technical wrestlers and ex-CMLL luchadors. Of the many workers to be released into the wrestling world, Jonathan Gresham is one that has been talked about with much excitement. While the world is practically Gresham’s oyster at this point and he could probably have work wherever he wanted, there are few places in the world right now that could offer him a roster deep enough to match a talent of his caliber. In North America, there are obviously 2 major promotions, and with WWE’s interests clearly shifting away from the independent style of wrestling, All Elite Wrestling  (AEW) is more than likely going to end up as the final destination for Gresham. This is certainly not a bad thing. AEW has a very deep and talented roster, not unlike Ring of Honor’s. Gresham could truly shine even amongst a company already overflowing with talent. It’s a place where Gresham can not only find work but keep himself interested for a long time, with no shortage of new and interesting opponents. For this piece, we will look at 5 wrestlers who could give Gresham fresh, fun matches.

Omega vs Gresham in AEW?
Photo Credit All Elite Wrestling

Kenny Omega

Starting off with the obvious, Kenny Omega is a dream match for just about any talent in the wrestling world today. With that being said, a match between him and Gresham in AEW is a no-brainer. Kenny Omega is a big match player unlike anyone else in the world today, and hardly if ever underdelivers when the pressure is on. A match with him could instantly establish Gresham as a main event player in his own right, equal to Kenny in talent. The two’s styles, whilst not entirely similar in any way, could create an interesting contrast in the ring. With Gresham having to use his grappling expertise and speed to keep out of the grip of the bigger, stronger Omega. Omega, who in turn would have to do his best to keep the smaller man grounded and beaten, using his size and strength to play the bully over Gresham. As far as a finish, Gresham could surely use the elevation more than Kenny, but a clean finish isn’t the only possibility here. Another draw for Omega in a big match environment could go a long way in serving multiple purposes. It would, as aforementioned, make Gresham look like a world champion caliber talent, whilst also helping Omega along his way to being an almost Bockwinkle-like heel, retaining his championship and escaping via draws instead of outright victories. Which in turn also makes the talents he works with, in this case, Gresham, look just as good as he is. The seeds are already there if they want to take it in that direction, with Omega going to a 30-minute draw with Bryan Danielson just a month ago. Speaking of Bryan Danielson, a draw or even victory in Gresham’s favor could go a long way in setting up the next match on the list.

Danielson vs Gresham in AEW?
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Bryan Danielson

Another obvious choice, Bryan Danielson is arguably the perfect AEW opponent for Jonathan Gresham. The two’s styles are mirror images of each other, both basing themselves in European catch-as-catch-can wrestling mixed with Inoki-influenced strong style strikes and submissions. Neither are very big men and have had to fight that battle their whole careers. With Danielson not on the downhill slope of it, making him a bit more grizzled. As stated in the prior paragraph as well, if Gresham manages to go to a draw or even beat Omega in a match it creates an interesting dynamic to this one. Even more so if he beats him. If Gresham can get a victory over Omega, that is a huge notch in his belt over Bryan, who could only go to a draw with him. Gresham could then claim that the fact that he did what Danielson couldn’t makes him the better fighter, and could even go as far as Gresham claiming that Danielson is afraid of him taking his spot and supplanting him. As far as a finish, Danielson would probably end up going over. In the end, it doesn’t really matter as neither man would look weak in defeat to the other. Much like the Omega match, it’s a home run of a match, and it’s one of the first matches they should if Gresham does indeed end up there.

Daniel Garcia vs Gresham in AEW?
Photo Credit All Elite Wrestling

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia very quickly became a lot of people’s favorite wrestler on AEW Television this year. Specifically due to his stellar showing against CM Punk on Rampage in September. While the company has been very frugal with him lately, there’s no doubt that they have big plans for him in the future considering how talented he is for his young age. As far as a match with Gresham goes, he’s another like Bryan Danielson who would be a no-brainer in the ring against him. Both men work a grapple-based style of offense and rely heavily on wrestling psychology. Both are roughly the same size and weight, making for a very even matchup between the two. The buildup wouldn’t need to be complicated, as Garcia could simply be looking to make a name for himself at Gresham’s expense, setting up a match between the two on TV most likely. It’s hard to believe at this juncture that the match would end with anything but Gresham going over, but Garcia would look amazing in defeat. Hanging in there and matching grappling skills (maybe even out grappling?) Gresham throughout the match before finally being caught and defeated by the more experienced competitor. The match would most assuredly be entertaining and could leave the door open for a rematch down the line when Garcia has a few more years (and hopefully title reigns) behind him.

Punk vs Gresham in AEW?
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CM Punk

Since returning to the wrestling world this year after a seven-year hiatus no one thought would end, CM Punk’s love for pro wrestling has clearly been reinvigorated. As well as several fans across the country and around the world who pined for his return until the day it came. Also since coming back he’s had an entire world of wrestlers he’s never faced before, who are chomping at the bit to get in the ring with him as much as he is. One such wrestler is none other than Jonathan Gresham. A world-class athlete and a main event performer in any promotion or city he goes to. Gresham is exactly the kind of wrestler that Punk came back to the business and to AEW for. In the prime of his career at 33, a technical wizard and a master of ring psychology. While the two could probably have a good TV match, this is something that is best done over a long program between the two. A nice long story, with plenty of time for the stakes to build to a TV special or PPV event, could have the potential to be one of the big stories in AEW in the next year or two if the company wishes to take it that way. The matches they could have would likely end up being some of the best and most sophisticated main events that they ever do. Punk’s style since coming back has been very reminiscent of one of his long-time idols and best friends, the late Harley Race. In a company where everyone is all action and impact, Punk is willing to play the long game and wear his younger, faster opponents down with basic but expertly applied holds. Look no further than his first match back with Darby Allin earlier this year for a prime example of the kind of work Punk can do when given enough time. Even during his first run he always said he saw himself as an old-school wrestler, with him even saying once on WON “I warm up at about 20 minutes into a match.” This is a style the Gresham could mesh with perfectly, with him being a very patient wrestler himself. In the end, it’s one of many dream matches for both men to fill, and could even be expected to happen within the next year or two.

Moxley vs Gresham in AEW?
Photo Credit All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley

For the final man on the list, we have a man whose style in many ways is the antithesis to Gresham’s. Jon Moxley, a former AEW World Heavyweight Champion and one of the top players in the company still. He is notorious for his hard-hitting, dangerous, violent style, as well as being a famous deathmatch wrestler. Jonathan Gresham, as shown this past year during a feud in ROH between Jay Lethal’s faction The Foundation, of which Gresham is a member and Brody King’s VLNCE UNLTD stable. A group of wrestlers determined to use violence without mercy in matches, believing that violence in wrestling is just as valid a form as pure grappling skill, claiming that “there is honor in violence.” The two factions feuded over which was the true and proper philosophy in wrestling, but it actually went somewhat deeper than that. The Foundation clearly has a deep aversion to the more violent, smash-mouth style that many wrestlers choose nowadays. Gresham is no stranger to this. Once in AEW, another variation of this story could run with Gresham targeting Moxley and the way he works, committing to the idea of defeating him to show him that his style of wrestling is and always will be the better one. It’s a story that would make sense considering Gresham’s not so distant past with VLNCE UNLTD, and could even be expanded if the company can get other members of The Foundation as well. Turning it into a feud with Moxley and Eddie Kingston, who could even (if the stars align) recruit Nick Gage for a big PPV match between the two teams. The matches between the two would be amazing as well. Moxley may be more inclined to the violent style of competition, but he can hang when it comes to grappling and ring IQ as well. Matches against AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, and Josh Barnett come to mind as examples. The two could not only have great matches but could have a chance at telling a great long-term story as well, something AEW seems to be the main provider of in the U.S nowadays.

Gresham to AEW In Conclusion

In reality, the sky is the limit for Gresham regardless if he lands in AEW or elsewhere. Of all the Ring of Honor talents to be released, he is certainly one of the ones to keep your eyes on the most. He’s a world-class talent, in the prime of his life and career. A well-known enough name to bring in and put in a top spot immediately. He’ll virtually have the run of the world considering he’s a good fit almost anywhere right now. Including out-of-country opportunities such as Mexico and Japan, but as far as a final stopping place for him to sign with? AEW  is the most likely home for Jonathan Gresham, and that’s probably a good thing for fans.

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