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How Has W. Morrissey Been Doing in IMPACT Wrestling?

W Morrissey IMPACT Wrestling AEW Debut

William Morrissey, better known to some as Big Cass for his time in WWE, made his return to the ring back in March following an absence of 18 months. This was following dark times in the personal life of W. Morrissey, which included a public epileptic seizure at House of Hardcore and a social media blackout, only intensifying the concerns of fans. Fortunately, W. Morrissey looks to be past that period of his life and now is about to complete his first six months in IMPACT Wrestling. After reportedly getting help from industry legend Diamond Dallas Page, Morrissey looks to be in the best shape of his life and the best run of his career.

While not yet a needle mover for IMPACT Wrestling, Morrissey has much in the past six months to make fans think he’s back to stay and to become one of the mayor players in IMPACT while doing so. So we’ll take a look at his first six months in IMPACT but we should mention before how truly incredible Morrissey’s recovery has been over the last few years which should make us as fans appreciate him more as an advocate for mental health and sobriety.

W. Morrissey in IMPACT Wrestling

His Seven-Foot Start in IMPACT Wrestling

Back in April, Violent by Design was supposed to face Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, and Willie Mack at Rebellion. However, after Eric Young’s ACL tear, he had to be replaced. W. Morrissey made his debut in IMPACT Wrestling that night, picking up the win for his team.

In the following weeks, Morrissey remained undefeated in matches against the likes of Sam Beale, Willie Mack, and Rich Swann before he eventually lost a hardcore match against Eddie Edwards at the Homecoming pay-per-view.

It is this rivalry with Edwards, which has ended up being the highlight of the former Big Cass’s run in IMPACT, the two also had an excellent singles match at the Slammiversary. Morrissey picked up the victory and two multi-man matches, where the pair have traded victories, kept the feud alive.

While he may not yet have an extensive match record in IMPACT Wrestling, Morrissey has undoubtedly put the entire roster on notice in a short amount of time. After six months of pure dominance and star performances against some of the bonafide main eventers of the brand, the immediate future looks bright for William Morrissey.

What’s Next for W. Morrissey?

In terms of what’s next for the 7-foot-tall New Yorker, it’s hard to tell. His rivalry with Eddie Edwards will likely reach a grudge match before it ends. After that, it might be time to consider the IMPACT World Championship as one of Morrissey’s future possibilities. It’s clear that IMPACT officials have deposited considerable trust into Morrissey, as he has been a prominent feature for the AXS TV company ever since his debut and has since faced some of the very best IMPACT has to offer.

Another note to highlight about Morrissey’s current run on IMPACT is how well he has been utilized by the Scott D’Amore team. He has not been yet portrayed as the stereotypical monster heel who either serves as the heater for a more talented smaller guy or only functions in squash matches without much tension or many high spots.

The decision to allow Morrissey to work an in-ring style that favors his strengths and hides his weaknesses contributed to his success. Furthermore, the use of his real-life serves as motivation as a heel character; he wasn’t helped by fans or colleagues at his lowest points. This has played a role in his success, too.

Even if still a portion of the fanbase may only remember the former Big Cass for his past tag team run in WWE alongside Enzo Amore, W. Morrissey is doing a tremendous job of building his own name in the wrestling business outside of WWE. At the same time, he has left behind a reputation of struggling with addiction and mental health.

In Closing

In conclusion, the partnership between Morrissey and IMPACT Wrestling is proving to be a win-win situation for both parties. It gaves IMPACT a legitimate monster heel with name recognition and the potential to become a major star. At the same time, Morrissey was afforded a chance to re-introduce himself to the wrestling world and reinvent himself in the process.

The progress W. Morrissey has made ever since his failed WWE singles run has been nothing short of incredible. If what he has been showing recently at IMPACT is anything to go by, we should all start paying very close attention to him. He has all the ingredients necessary to make his presence felt.

Finally, it should be mentioned how great it is to see the industry in a state that allows wrestlers to work in as many places as possible while bettering themselves inside and outside the ring. Thus, performers can move further away from the past culture filled with drugs and mental health concerns.

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