Indi Hartwell Pops the Question: A Brief History of WWE Proposals

Indi Hartwell Proposes to Dexter Lumis

Despite some well meaning interference from her found family The Way, NXT’s Indi Hartwell began dating her longtime object of affection, Dexter Lumis, in earnest. While he’s not the most robust conversationalist, she’s head over heels for the tortured and unblinking artist. On August 17’s NXT, with an assist from color commentator Beth Phoenix, Hartwell popped the question to Lumis. Lumis accepted, which is undoubtedly not going to sit well with the high strung patriarch of The Way, Johnny Gargano. More found-family hijinks are surely ahead from Hartwell’s quirky stablemates. The romcom storyline between Hartwell and Lumis has been a comedic delight, and their proposal scene evokes other WWE moments involving ‘tying the knot’.

AJ Lee and CM Punk

Hartwell and Lumis’ proposal drew some immediate comparisons online to Lee proposing to Punk. Although the two are happily married in real life, art did not imitate life for the two. Punk soundly rejected Lee, who had transferred her affections to the rival of her kayfabe ex, Daniel Bryan. Neither Lee nor Bryan were in Lee’s good books when she became Raw’s, and she had some fun toying with her two exes.

Edge and Vickie Guerrero

One of the “Ultimate Opportunist’s” Ruthless Aggression era power plays was marrying Raw General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, to have an advantage over his rivals. Triple H interrupted their wedding ceremony in the ring with found footage of Edge getting cozy with Alicia Fox, the couple’s wedding planner. The ceremony continued, however. There is a lot that could be said about the romantic saga of Vickie and Edge, but suffice it to say the Cougar and her cub parted ways when Vickie was stripped of her position as GM.

Edge and Lita

Edge had another high profile wedding in the squared circle, to Lita. The specter of Matt Hardy was cheekily evoked when Hardy’s titantron intro hit in the middle of the ceremony. It wasn’t Hardy, however, but Kane, Lita’s storyline ex, who literally crashed the event, emerging from the floor, and chaos ensued.

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

Randy “Macho Man” Savage and his valet, Elizabeth, were perennially popular figures in WWE’s Golden Age. It wasn’t widely publicized that they were a real life married couple, so there was a hint of ‘are they or aren’t they’, with a shot of ‘what does she see in this guy?’ speculation swirling about the pair. Randy was outrageous, Elizabeth was placid; he was flamboyant, she was glamorous and elegant. They were a study in contrasts, much like the bubbly and childlike Hartwell and the pensive, sinister Lumis. When Savage’s feud with former Megapowers ally Hulk Hogan blew up and Elizabeth refused to take sides, Randy jettisoned her as his valet for Sensational Sherri. The crowd favorite Elizabeth wasn’t to be seen onscreen again until WrestleMania 7. Sherri flipped her lid on Randy for losing a retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior, and Elizabeth rushed from the stadium crowd to the ring to defend him; the usually serene Southern belle grabbed her brassy rival Sherri by the hair and tossed her out of Randy’s life. He proposed, and although they were already married in real life, their characters had perhaps WWE’s most poignant wedding at 1991’s SummerSlam. It wasn’t without nasty shocks, though, thanks to Jake “the Snake” Roberts menacing the bride with his trademark reptile.

Predicting Another Crashed WWE Wedding

The found-family of Indi Hartwell, The Way, have been opposed to her involvement with Dexter Lumis and have gone to some comedic, over the top lengths to stop their relationship. If the story culminates in a wedding scene, it will be just as hilarious. If Indi and Dexter make it to the altar, it will undoubtedly be in the shadowy lighting and squared circle of the Capitol Wrestling Center, and chances are high that overprotective Candice LeRae and  Johnny Gargano will ruin Indi’s big day in yet another entry to the list of wild WWE weddings.

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