The Resurrection: How a CM Punk Return May Heal Professional Wrestling

CM Punk Return

CM Punk is not a god or a deity, but for many wrestling fans, he could be a savior. Punk, now almost eight years removed from the ring, has been like a ghost in the night. You never know when you might hear the call of his name. This has only intensified the countless rumors regarding a CM Punk return to professional wrestling.

The Chicago native carved out a very unique niche in his time in the business. Not only one of the most skilled grapplers in between the ropes, but he was also known for his vicious delivery on the microphone. His role as an anti-authority figure, along with his abrupt departure from the sport, transformed him into an almost mythical figure.

In an era that was so artificial, Punk seemed real. The straight edge superstar seemed to be walking his own beaten path and was more than happy to acknowledge it.

The Impact of CM Punk on the Industry

Punk spoke what was on his mind and didn’t care if he was hated. That’s why he became so beloved. Since his departure from WWE, there have been many stars who have tried to fill that role. However, none of them have come off as genuine as Punk. And even more importantly, none have been able to forge that unbreakable bond with the fans.

In his absence, the wrestling world has grown. There are more options than ever for fans to have access to multiple promotions. There have been big stars and big matches. And we’ve seen some things that we never thought we’d ever seen before.

So it’s not like the world stopped when CM Punk left the industry. However, it does seem like something’s been missing. Sure, there have been some exciting moments, but there was still a certain blandness to the overall product. Many former diehard fans simply walked away and stopped watching.

Now with rumors of Punk’s return swirling, there’s a buzz in the air that many fans haven’t felt in a while. To people who were kids, watching WWE in the era of Punk, he is almost like a god. The mere thought of his comeback has them ready to throw up their hands and scream, ‘Thank You!’

CM Punk might be coming in to AEW
Photo credit: WWE

How He May Heal Wrestling

While that may be exaggerating a bit, there’s no doubt that a potential re-appearance by the former WWE Champion would be great for wrestling. And if his destination truly is AEW, then it will light up that promotion like dynamite (pun intended).

More importantly, it would be uplifting to a generation of wrestling fans who have felt lost in the wilderness for several years now. The folks who have felt numb for nearly a decade, waiting for something to send a charge through their fandom again.

That’s the type of impact that Punk’s return could have. And honestly? That’s all we really need right now.

In the event of a CM Punk return, he doesn’t have to be the savior of wrestling. But he will heal it a bit.

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