Interview with AEW referee Bryce Remsburg

Interview with AEW referee Bryce Remsburg

Refereeing is an art form. It is in many ways difficult as wrestling and should never be underestimated. Without the referee, the match does not start; it does not finish and it cannot take place. Just being able to slap the mat three times and call for the bell does not make you a referee. A referee needs to be fair and over time, they earn reverence. This sums up the referee that is Bryce Remsburg.

Presently a referee at All Elite Wrestling, Bryce started his career at CHIKARA with Mike Quackenbush and his knowledge, ability and popularity has only risen as time goes on. He has this ability to be there in a match, become part of the match and yet not take anything away from the wrestlers. Bryce Remsburg is someone who can tell a story just by his three count, or when telling the wrestlers to break the hold. During his days in CHIKARA, it can be said he was an integral part of the CHIKARA brand and embodied the culture of the promotion. So much so that it often felt strange when he was not the referee of a match. When he got his big moment, becoming a full-time referee for All Elite Wrestling, it was reward for his great efforts paying off; he had reached the mountain top and he appears to have no plans of slowing down.

Last Word were lucky enough to talk to Bryce about his career and dreams. This is what he had to say:

Frank: What made you fall in love with wrestling?
Bryce: The Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man’s (Randy Savage) larger than life personas and colorful outfits.

Frank: Why did you become a referee and not a wrestler?
Bryce: I am a terrible athlete, gentle and fragile, (laughs)… This way I get to be close to the action but rarely take any action.

Frank: Your greatest moment in your career?
Bryce: My AEW debut. All the hard work paid off!

Frank: Are there any referees you have based your style on?
Bryce: The great Mark Curtis of Smokey Mountain Wrestling (SMW) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) fame. Also, Tommy Young.

Frank: Any dream matches you want to referee?
Bryce: Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler in Memphis! I don’t like my odds.

Frank: Future goals for your career?
Bryce: Keep learning, growing and getting better at TV wrestling! I felt like I had my bachelor’s degree on the indies, now I am going to school to get my master’s.

As you can see, Bryce is a student of the game, he wants to constantly improve and learn the different styles of refereeing. Last Words thank Bryce for taking his time to talk to us. Bryce Remsburg will become a referee that aspiring referees will watch to learn how to become a top referee and his legacy will be evident soon.

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