Oral Sessions Gets VERY EVIL With Danhausen – 7/6/2021

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On the most recent episode of Oral Sessions, Renee Paquette had Danhausen on the show and revealed that he would be a part of “Danhausen Week” and was asked to guest host his own episodes of Oral Sessions. But before the VERY EVIL Danhausen will host, he was a guest to talk about several topics such as how he met his wife, how to stand out on the internet and much more. Here are a few highlights from the show:

On what makes someone so famous on the internet:

“You must stand out correctly, You must be friends with other celebrities such as Danhausen with Conan O’Brien, and uh, Rock the Dwayne Johnson, and your good friend, CM Punkhausen great internet friend, said Danhausens a good tweeter once and (CM Punk) gave him his finishing maneuver as a blessing.”

What Danhausen was like as a child:

“You know he liked comic books, horror movies, started watching those at a young age. Who’d have thought? What else what else. Oh, we discovered wrestling when Danhausen was about six or seven, something like that… it must’ve been a recap of some sort on a Monday night Raw, Dannausen and Dadhausen were flipping through the stations, but it was a flashback to bad blood 97 where Kane was ripping off the door, and it was red lights, he looked like Jason from Friday the 13th And then he ripped it off and he destroyed that Undertaker fellow you ever heard of him?”

On how he met his wife:

“So she was doing a theatre bizarre. It is a Halloween burlesque show. She’s a burlesque dancer Lou Lou La Duchess. Lulu La Duchess De Riere. Yes, the Duchess of tuchus. Danhausen actually thought she was a bot. She messaged Danhausen on Instagram to hit on Danhausen or something…Danhausen is actually driving back from the Butcher and Blade show Tid the season. That was in Buffalo, and then she said just come to Montreal right now, it’s only a few hours away and then Danhausen said this is like seven hours, absolutely not!”

Danhausen talks about a story on how he interviewed with Conan O’ Brien and which luchador Conan trained with. Danhausen also talks about who he would like to work with from other company’s and his upcoming guests on Oral Sessions for the time he is on. For more on Danhausen check out the full podcast.

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