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Preview: Stardom – Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 In Summer (7/4/21)

Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 In Summer Main Event

Just weeks after Tokyo Dream Cinderella Stardom returns to PPV for Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Summer.  This is the first of three Stardom events at the Yokohama Budokan in the space of 30 days as later in July they will kick off their annual 5STAR Grand Prix tournament.  Yokohama Dream Cinderella will feature Utami Hayashishita defending her World Of Stardom Championship for the first time since her 5.5 star match with Syuri, Syuri on the other hand will be busy defending the Goddess Of Stardom Championship. This event also features a Wonder Of Stardom Championship match and a tournament final to crown the new Future Of Stardom champion.  Let’s not delay any longer and take a look at the Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Summer card.

Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Summer Full Card (7/4/21)

– Gauntlet: Maika & Lady C vs Hanan & Hina vs Oedo Tai (Saki Kashima & Rina) vs Oedo Tai (Konami & Fukigen Death)

– Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe & AZM) vs Oedo Tai (Starlight Kid & Ruaka)

Future Of Stardom Championship: Unagi Sayaka vs Mina Shirakawa

– Goddess Of Stardom Championship: Donna Del Mondo (Giulia & Syuri) (c) vs STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Koguma)

– Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Tam Nakano (c) vs Saya Kamitani

– World Of Stardom Championship: Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Natsuko Tora

Listen to an audio preview of this show at:

Future Of Stardom Championship: Unagi Sayaka vs Mina Shirakawa

In this battle of Cosmic Angels, Unagi Sayaka and Mina Shirakawa will aim to become the new Future Of Stardom champion.  Unagi Sayaka seems the most likely option to walk away with the win as she could do more with the title than Shirakawa, who won’t be eligible to hold or defend the title in August.  Unagi Sayaka also feels like someone that could do well with the belt as she has some feuds lined up with various younger roster members that could help bring the Future title to prominence.

Alto Livelli Kabliwan (Giulia & Syuri) (c) vs STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Koguma)

One of the later additions to the card will see Giulia and Syuri look to make defense number three of the tag titles.  Despite losing Starlight Kid to Oedo Tai the STARS team of Iwatani and Koguma have been on a roll in recent weeks, even defeating the tag team champions on June 26.  This is sure to be another great match but the uncertainty around the result adds to the occasion as either team could walk away with the titles.  We’re heading into the 5STAR Grand Prix which Giulia is the favorite to win, Stardom may look to relieve her of the tag team championship before having her go after Utami Hayashishita.

Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Tam Nakano (c) vs Saya Kamitani

The Cinderella Tournament winner Saya Kamitani used her wish to challenge Tam Nakano for the Wonder of Stardom title, in the last three years the cinderella winner has successfully gone on to win the championship which favors Kamitani.  Tam Nakano has literally been a fighting champion, her title win and only defense were brutal wars and we’re pretty sure Kamitani won’t know what she’s in for when she tries to take Nakano’s title.

The relationship between Nakano and Kamitani actually goes back a long way.  Kamitani came to Stardom through their short-lived Stardom Idols project, for which Nakano served as the GM.  When Kamitani then moved to the main Stardom roster once that project ended she initially teamed a lot with STARS and Nakano.  Ultimately Kamitani made the switch to Queen’s Quest which never sat well with Nakano and the two have had a bit of a friendly grudge ever since.  During this match, we could see that grudge blow up into a full-scale fight as Nakano tends to leave it all in the ring.

It may not be time for Kamitani to win this title just yet but she has a chance to prove that she belongs in Stardom’s top tier.

World Of Stardom Championship: Utami Hayashishita (c) vs Natsuko Tora

Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 In Summer Main Event

In this meeting of powerhouses, Utami Hayashishita looks to extend her reign against Oedo Tai’s leader Natsuko Tora.  Natsuko Tora has been on a roll for the past 12 months, wreaking havoc on Stardom, pulling the plug on Tokyo Cyber Squad, and taking two wrestlers away from STARS in major stipulation matches.  It took Tora some time to reinvent Oedo Tai in her image but the group is growing in power and winning the world championship would shift the balance of Stardom in ways we couldn’t even comprehend.  If Tora is going to win the championship she will have to defeat the standard-bearer of Stardom.  Ever since winning the championship from Mayu Iwatani, Hayashishita has knocked back all challengers, including surviving a 43-minute war with Syuri.  Hayashishita has proven time and again that she will not let anyone take this championship away from her.  While Hayashishita has been resilient she may not be a match for the power of Tora and her disregard for the rules.  At Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Summer the world title hangs in the balance as evil forces aim to take the championship from the future of Stardom.

This event will air live via PPV through PIA with English commentary.  The event will go up on Stardom World, likely on the Wednesday following the event.

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