Who Should Kamille Face Outside of the NWA?

Kamille Wins NWA title

Perhaps one of the biggest talking points coming out of the NWA’s latest Pay Per View was the crowning of a new Women’s Champion. Kamille defeated Serena Deeb in a terrific match that saw “The Brickhouse” claim her first championship in the promotion. What makes this even more interesting is the latest revelation on NWA Power.

During an interview segment on the show, Kamille was questioned as to who her next challenger would be. While the champion did not name anyone specifically, she did, however, hint at the possibility of inter-promotional matchups. This is a mouth-watering prospect as the NWA World Women’s Championship has already had some stellar defenses on other shows.

The future seems bright for Kamille and there are several fresh challengers waiting in the wings for a chance at “The Burke.”

Kamille, The NWA and Britt Baker

Britt Baker at Double Or Nothing

Starting right at the top, let’s talk about the new AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. Baker had an incredible run in the Empty Arena Era of AEW and has only gotten stronger in 2021. She dethroned Hikaru Shida at Double Or Nothing 2021 and is now positioned as one of the faces of the company.

Having Kamille come into AEW works well for both characters. Kamille wants to be seen as the face of the NWA, therefore she needs to surpass Serena Deeb’s legacy. Deeb was a strong face of the NWA and regularly defended her championship on AEW. Similarly, Baker being the egotistical heel would want to defend her borders from the opposition. After failing to defeat Thunder Rosa in the unsanctioned match on Dynamite, Baker would rightfully be wary of new NWA challengers.

The two would have wonderful chemistry in the ring and complement each other’s styles very well. Maybe when Baker is done feuding with Nyla Rose, another monster could enter the fray on AEW.

A Knockout Feud For Kamille

Deonna Purrazzo

IMPACT has a stellar women’s division all built around Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. Since being released from WWE, Purrazzo has been on an absolute tear during her time in IMPACT. She first won the belt by defeating Jordyn Grace at Slamiversary and has only gone up from there.

Kamille would be a great addition to the IMPACT roster. The way she carries herself and her presence would set her apart from the rest of the division. Having Kamille, the NWA Women’s Champion, collide with the IMPACT Knockouts Champion would be a clash for the ages. Purrazzo is a great in-ring worker and having her work with a powerhouse like Kamille could make for an interesting dynamic and could get the best out of both competitors.

I Predict A Riot

Heidi Lovelace: Possible Opponent for Kamille

Heidi Lovelace was completely wasted in WWE. The former Ruby Riott was given nothing of substance during her entire run on the main roster and was unfortunately released by the company this year. Obviously, there is a “no compete clause” in the contract of Lovelace so this won’t be a match anytime soon, but looking at where Lovelace could land, challenging for the NWA World Women’s Championship seems like a good fit.

There aren’t many competitors in the NWA who have the same look and style as Lovelace and seeing her go up against Kamille would have a great heel/face dynamic. Lovelace could easily pull off the “Babyface in peril” role throughout the match, eventually leading to a terrific comeback sequence.

In the next few months, we will hopefully see Heidi Lovelace make her return to the indies. From there, the only way is up.

The Hottest Free Agent

Tessa Blanchard Wins IMPACT World Championship

Perhaps the biggest free agent in all of women’s wrestling is Tessa Blanchard. The former IMPACT World Champion had an industry-shaking run in IMPACT, eventually claiming the IMPACT World Championship at Hard To Kill. She became the first woman to claim that gold and was also part of the first intergender PPV main event at Slamiversary.

Since then, little has been heard of Blanchard. She parted ways with IMPACT in 2020 following troubling allegations and then went on to make sporadic indie appearances. For the past year, however, little has been heard of Blanchard. Rumours about WWE and AEW have been floating around but still…radio silence.

There is a ready-made story between Kamille and Blanchard. Being a 2nd generation wrestler, Blanchard would fit perfectly into the mold that the NWA has put forward. Not only that, but she has heritage in the NWA as her father was a former NWA Tag Team Champion. Tessa could easily walk straight into the NWA and claim her match for the championship.

Kamille as a character would have none of this. She is a string willed member of Strictly Business. A group who literally control the company at times. So having a new challenger invade the NWA with such stature would be a great challenge for The Brickhouse.

A Challenge Lies Ahead for Kamille and The NWA

Kamille needs a strong feud going forward. Thunder Rosa’s feud with Baker did wonders for both of them and even fed into Rosa’s NWA storyline. It has been shown in numerous promotions that an inter-promotional feud can be a big draw, while also making great characters. While Kamille is a great performer, she needs a terrific feud to cement her as the new NWA Women’s Champion.

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