Preview: NXT UK (5/27/21)  – Samuels And Frazer Likely To Fight

NXT UK Ilja Dragunov and Meiko Satomura
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Sha Samuels and Nathan Frazer seem likely to battle on NXT UK, this week. Anything could happen on the latest edition of the NXT UK card, as no matches have been formally announced. We know for certain that NXT UK will air on the WWE Network and Peacock at 8 pm GMT/3 pm EST on May 20. Fans in the UK can also watch the show an hour later on BT Sport. 

Here’s what we might see happen during the hour.

Predicted NXT UK Card

Samuels And Frazer Likely To Fight

Sha Samuels and Nathan Frazer had a tense confrontation backstage last week, which climaxed in “The East London Butcher” encouraging Frazer to get Sid Scala to book a match between the two for this week’s show. We are yet to get official word from Scala that the match will happen but it seems pretty likely. The backstage clash was the latest in a feud between Frazer and the duo of Samuels and Noam Dar

A few weeks ago, Frazer and Dar met in a fantastic Heritage Rules match. Dar picked up the win thanks to an illegal assist from his running buddy Samuels. That match was set up when Frazer appeared on Supernova Sessions and was mocked by Samuels and Dar. So there’s been anticipation for this Samuels and Frazer bout for a while. It will be interesting to see the mix of styles between Frazer’s high-flying and Samuels’ brawler offense. With Samuels and Frazer likely to fight, what else might we see?

Will Gradwell Prove He’s Equal Founding Father To Seven?

Sam Gradwell has been irked by Trent Seven for quite a while now. He is particularly annoyed that Seven has the reputation of being a founding father of NXT UK and he doesn’t. Gradwell does have a bit of a point. They both signed their NXT UK contracts on the same day. 

Throughout May, Gradwell and Seven have had backstage confrontations, including a physical interaction in the workout room. Last week, Gradwell stormed into Sid Scala’s office and said he wanted payback for Seven’s ‘unprovoked assault in the workplace’ on him. Scala might sign the match for this week. 

What Else Could Happen?

Teoman and Ashton Smith had an altercation, last week, that could lead to a match-up on the latest NXT UK. 

There will definitely be a match from the NXT UK women’s division. Isla Dawn could continue her good form, which included her impressive run in the gauntlet match. Emilia McKenzie will want to right her poor performance in the gauntlet match sooner rather than later so this week could be a good time to do it.

Subculture – the stable comprising Dani Luna, Mark Andrews, and Flash Morgan Webster – have been given a decent repackage recently. They could feature, also.  

With two huge matches set for next week’s NXT UK, a percentage of this show will go to building them up. We will probably see hype packages for Dar vs. Ilja Dragunov and Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey.

Fingers crossed we will see the impact Lenny the Therapy Dog has had on Dragunov.

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