AAA Rey de Reyes Delivers With HUGE Surprises (5/1/21)

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Rey de Reyes 2021

AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide returned with one of its annual marquee events, Rey de Reyes. The show did not disappoint whatsoever and came with surprises, new champions, and build to Triplemania for a huge match that will take place then. Here’s more.

In the first of five matches, we had a “Lucha De Alta Calidad AAA” with Dinastia, Toxin, Aramis, Latigo, and Arez as the participants; the winner would receive a title shot against Laredo Kid for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship. This was an exciting start to the show with high-flying and innovative aerial offensive maneuvers from all performers. However, there could only be one winner, as Latigo won following a lariat to Aramis. At the end of the match, Laredo Kid, who was already at the commentary table to help call the match, came to the ring and congratulate Latigo, and looked forward to facing him for the Cruiserweight Title.

The second match was a three-way bout for the vacant AAA Latin American Championship as the former champ, Daga, vacated the title recently through social media. Daga has been rumored to be signing with AEW along with his wife, Tessa Blanchard. The Latin American Title match involved Black Taurus, Octagon Jr., and Villano III Jr. The match itself mainly consisted of Octagon Jr. and Black Taurus as Villano III Jr. was taken out of the match and brought to the back as part of an injury angle within the match. He would come back towards the end of the match when both challengers were down. However, Villano failed to capitalize as Black Taurus won the match by pinning him to become the new champion.

The following bout had was a AAA Reina de Reinas Championship match which included the following six participants: Faby Apache, Lady Shani, Chik Tormenta, Lady Maravilla, Flammer, and a new Sexy Star. AAA owns the name so the former La Hija De Gatubela took the role of Sexy Star. The big story of the match is that IMPACT Wrestling made its presence in the form of its current IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, who sat at the commentary table. She mentioned that her good friend Konnan invited her to the show and scout the talent in the match.

The match ended with Chik Tormenta and Faby Apache as the final competitors. Apache came out with the win to become a four-time Reina de Reinas Champion. Purrazzo came to the ring with Hugo Savinovich as her translator to congratulate Apache and challenge her in a Title vs. Title Match at AAA’s biggest event of the year, Triplemania. A handshake between the two was supposed to be made but Purrazzo attacked the newly won champion, attacking Apache’s arm with her finisher before executing two devastating standing powerbombs. How will Faby Apache respond to the sneak attack by the Virtuosa?

The following Rey de Reyes Match featured eight of AAA’s best talents. El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Laredo Kid vs. Murder Clown vs. Aerostar vs. Drago vs. Abismo Negro Jr. vs. Mysteziz Jr. vs. Texano Jr. The match itself began with Laredo Kid and Vikingo, who were both involved in one of the best one on one matches in AAA history back in 2019. They delivered yet again, but the exchange was quickly interrupted by the other competitors. Laredo Kid overcame his opponents, becoming the 2021 Rey de Reyes winner. Laredo Kid briefly celebrated with Marisela Pena.

The main event saw Pagano and Psycho Clown team up against Chessman and a surprise tag partner which turned out to be one of the most hated Rudos in Lucha Libre, the returning Sam Adonis. Coming down the ring with a star-spangled banner theme and similar gear to The Patriot (without the mask), Adonis came to the ring yelling, “Donde estan las chicas?” The match itself was chaotic; fans would not see a technical masterpiece. Instead, it would be a huge brawl between all four men. During the match, two masked men came towards the ring in a monster truck. The masked men ran toward the ring and decimated all the competitors with the exception of Adonis. The two mystery men took off their masks and were revealed as Puma King and the debuting Diamante Azul, the current Mexican National Heavyweight Champion from CMLL. Azul quietly removed any mentions of CMLL on his social media profiles as of late which led to the rumors of him signing with another company. The rumors turned out to be true as he got on the microphone to introduce someone to the AAA audience.

A video package came up with Andrade, “El Idolo,” who talked about being a third-generation wrestler and the youngest NWA titleholder ever. He also talked about wrestling all over the world from Japan, the United States with WWE, and winning titles everywhere he has been. Andrade declared that he wanted to wrestle in AAA, however, and had two goals. One such goal was to wrestle and defeat Psyhco Clown. His first goal, though, was to become the AAA Mega Champion. Andrade said that Kenny Omega is a Canadian who wrestles in the United States but that the AAA Mega Championship needs to be on a Mexican in Mexico.

Andrade proceeded to challenge Omega to a match for the AAA Mega Championship at Triplemania. The video package ends and goes back to the three men who interrupted the main event. They have a shirt with the name “La Empresa,” which looks to be the name of the newest faction consisting of Sam Adonis, Diamante Azul, Puma King, and Andrade. All four members previously wrestled for CMLL. Triplemania currently does not have a date. However, based on what transpired at Reyes de Reyes, it looks like the two confirmed matches for that card are the Title vs. Title Match between Deonna Purrazzo and Faby Apache, and Andrade vs. Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship.

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