Kenny Omega IMPACT! Match Made Official for Hard To Kill

Kenny Omega Hard To Kill
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On Last night’s episode of IMPACT! wrestling, Kenny Omega and Don Callis finally left their tour bus and entered the IMPACT! arena. After a confrontation between IMPACT! World Champion Rich Swann and Karl Anderson became physical backstage, Luke Gallows returned to help his tag team partner. This also instigated the involvement of the Motor City Machine Guns, stepping to the aid of Swann. Omega would then appear and land a blow to Swann with a wet floor sign, standing tall with Callis and the Good Brothers afterward.

Don Callis would make the match official: it will be AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and the IMPACT! World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers versus IMPACT! World Champion Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns at Hard to Kill next month.

How This Came About

Throughout the night, following on from their interaction at Final Resolution on Saturday, Karl Anderson and Kenny Omega were seen conversing about the “good ol’ times” on the tour bus. It was Kenny who motivated “the Machine Gun” (or “Gunner” as Kenny calls him) to make an official return. Omega lit the fire in Anderson needed for him to take down Ethan Page at Final Resolution and Chris Sabin on Last night’s IMPACT!. Callis and Omega worked as the puppet masters, manipulating Anderson into causing tension within IMPACT!

However, Kenny wasn’t satisfied with just watching anymore. After seeing the disrespect from Swann toward Anderson, as well as Swann’s dismissal of Kenny, the Cleaner decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. Callis mentioned that Swann was the World Champion and could “do whatever he wants”. Omega agreed, and left the bus toward the arena.

Rich Swann for his part was tired of being treated as a secondary champion on his own show. He stepped up to Anderson, who has shown a more vicious side in the ring since being reacquainted with Kenny. This, in turn, has led to a full heel turn for the Good Brothers as they realign themselves with their former Bullet Club stablemate.

The Major IMPACT on Pro Wrestling As a Whole

This will mark the first time that the three have worked on the same side since 2016, when the Good Brothers left NJPW and the Bullet Club for WWE. This match is set to be the biggest collaboration between wrestling promotions in the last decade, with AEW and IMPACT wrestling having their first inter-promotional match ever. While a full invasion may be unlikely, this champion versus champion bout is sure to bring a revitalized viewing audience to IMPACT wrestling.

However, the Good Brothers and Don Callis jumping ship from IMPACT to AEW all seems like an inevitable outcome to this feud, which may hurt IMPACT. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how IMPACT capitalizes on this influx of viewership and buzz in the long run.

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