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#AndNEW: Kenny Omega Wins the AEW World Championship

Kenny Omega AEW World Champion

On tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, winter has arrived and Hell may have very well frozen over. In the main event of the show, Kenny Omega challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. In the weeks leading up to this night, Moxley had been at odds with Omega, especially in regard to a backstage attack Mox sustained a few weeks prior. Despite his best efforts tonight, Moxley was unable to defeat his opponent, who had unexpected assistance on his side. By the end of the night, Kenny Omega was crowed the new AEW World Champion.

An important note was that Don Callis, one of the Executive Vice Presidents of IMPACT Wrestling, was at commentary. This wasn’t unusual, given the fact that he commentated for Omega’s AEW matches in the past. However, fans would soon realize that he wasn’t present to simply offer insight. Instead, he would end up playing a pivotal role in the result of tonight’s AEW World Championship match.

The AEW World Championship match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley started normally enough, with both men exchanging holds. It didn’t take long for the match to become gritty, however, as Omega started an assault on Moxley’s weakened knee. Moxley began to fight back, showing his heart and determination, but it was clear that the knee had become an issue. Nonetheless, the fighting champion pressed onward.

The match would reach a vital moment when the action spilled to the outside. It was here that Moxley planted Omega with the Paradigm Shift on a nearby space heater. This prompted officials to check on Omega, who was unresponsive. Moxley ignored the officials, dragging Omega back in the ring to finish the job. This prompted Callis to rush from the announce desk, microphone in hand, arguing with the official about Omega’s condition. Moxley responded by shoving Callis to the floor.

Omega took hold of the fallen microphone as the official was occupied by Callis. An unsuspecting Moxley was soon struck with the mic in question, busting him open. Omega took advantage with a series of V-Trigger knee strikes, each one more devastating than the last. Capping off the assault with a One-Winged Angel, Omega covered Moxley for the three-count. “The Best Bout Machine,” “The Cleaner,” Kenny Omega, became the new AEW World Champion.

Post-match, Omega fled with Callis through the backstage area. All the while, they encountered confused, angry bystanders that were just as puzzled as fans watching in attendance and at home. Just as they were nearing their vehicle, Omega and Callis were approached by Alex Marvez, looking for answers. Callis told Marvez that the world would know Tuesday night. Confused, Marvez informed Callis that AEW Dynamite took place on Wednesdays. Callis reaffirmed what he said, revealing that he and Omega would explain everything Tuesday night – on IMPACT Wrestling. Omega and Callis rode off, leaving the viewers with even more stunning news.

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