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Jacob Fatu is the Next Big Thing

Jacob Fatu

Over the past few decades, the Anoa’i Family has surged to the forefront of professional wrestling.  After all, this is a family that has produced the likes of The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Usos (Jimmy and Jey), Umaga and Rikishi, just to name a few.  It is also a family that somehow continues to keep giving professional wrestling certified stars.  The aughter of Dwayne, Simone Johnson, is going to be a big star when she reaches the main roster of the WWE – it is a guarantee.  Sefa Fatu, younger brother of the Usos and son of Rikishi, is another potential breakout star.  Potentially the biggest talent of the next generation, however, is the Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu, who recently returned to action with the MLW restart.

Establishing a Name Outside of the WWE

Jacob Fatu is the son of Sam Fatu, also known as the Tonga Kid.  Just like his father – and pretty much all of the Anoa’i family – Jacob boasts a freakish combination of power, size, agility, and sheer talent.  This has led to Jacob shining in promotions across the United States, most notably for Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he is the current MLW World Heavyweight Champion (512 days running, as of writing).  In MLW, he is the top dog; a tremendous heel who possesses a monster aura rarely seen in wrestling nowadays.  Jacob Fatu is the kind of wrestler you would fear to be trapped in a room with because he carries himself like a star – and he can quite easily back it up, too.

In short, Jacob Fatu is a 284lbs killing machine – his Samoan Werewolf moniker is entirely justified.  It’s not just a nickname; it is who he is and he demonstrates that time and time again.  He is a brute of a man who boasts a combination of brawling, powerhouse, and even aerial maneuvers (such as his multiple moonsaults).  Recently, Fatu did something unexpected and signed a new five-year contract with MLW, putting an end to speculation he was on his way to the McMahon Empire.  Some have even been upset by this, struggling to comprehend why someone with the raw talent and potential of Fatu would limit himself to the “minor leagues”.  At the core of it, this is a wise, mature decision by Fatu which will benefit him long term.

Jacob Fatu Does Not Need the WWE

Truth is, Jacob Fatu doesn’t need the WWE.  Fatu is the King of MLW and, whereas MLW isn’t exactly a competitor for the WWE, he is building quite the name for himself whilst simultaneously building up MLW.  He is the main heel and even has a top face of similar quality in Alexander Hammerstone to feud with.  He has Contra Unit, the MLW Heavweight Championship, the big money, five-year contract necessary to continue building.

If he were to go to WWE now, it might not be so straight forward.  The WWE already has its top dog, Samoan badass of a heel in Roman Reigns.  Whereas Fatu would quite easily fit into the Samoan family faction on SmackDown (with Jimmy and Jey) as the group’s muscle, Fatu could be leading a faction.  Five years from now, when his MLW contract ends, chances are Roman Reigns has followed cousin Dwayne into Hollywood, freeing up a spot for the next big Samoan star in the WWE.

With the recent MLW Restart teasing the long-awaited feud between Hammerstone and Fatu, there is much to be excited about.  This is a feud that will define the company’s success, as these are the two guys handpicked to carry MLW in their respective roles.  Both men are certified stars, both in looks and inability. Therefore, this has the potential to be a breakout feud for both.  Additionally, Fatu has already beaten some big, renowned names in professional wrestling – such as John Morrison.  Therefore, it is clear that his peers also see the potential in Fatu and are more than happy to put him over when the opportunity presents itself.

Too Good To Keep Down

Jacob Fatu is the next big thing in professional wrestling and it doesn’t matter whether he breaks out this year or in five years, when his MLW contract ends.  Fact of the matter is, a guy of Fatu’s calibre is destined to succeed.  It is extremely rare for a wrestler to be the complete package.  The look, the physique, the ability, the promos, and even his general personality; it all makes for one mean Samoan destined to succeed, whether that be in MLW, the WWE, or anywhere else.  More championships will come over the next five years and the Samoan Werewolf will continue building his name so that, when he does move on from MLW, his next promotion knows exactly how hot of a commodity they have.  For his opponents’ sake, it’s best to hope he doesn’t catch a full moon.

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