Carmella Is A Breath Of Fresh Air To The Women’s Title Picture


The SmackDown women’s title picture had been growing stale prior to the Sasha Banks vs Bayley series.  While the slow burn storyline between Banks and Bayley kept people interested in the division it became a tad predictable to have Bayley beat Nikki Cross so much.  WWE needed to avoid making that same mistake once Banks took the championship and so far with the addition of Carmella they have freshened up the title picture.

After the latest match between Banks and Bayley Carmella made her presence felt by attacking Banks, solidifying her spot as a heel and a title contender.  This is a welcomed addition to the division as Carmella hasn’t wrestled since May when she lost the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.  This absence has only made the heart grow fonder as we’re happy to see ‘Mella back on our screens with a new character.  This really was a much-needed boost to a division that has needed something new for a while now.

While she isn’t the most popular woman on the roster Carmella always puts 110% into anything WWE gives and almost always makes it work.  This new heel character and push is her opportunity to remind everyone of how entertaining she can be.  Just two weeks in she has already formed an interesting alliance with Bayley that has stacked the deck against Sasha Banks and provides SmackDown with a number of different possible matches down the line before this feud is finished.

In our view, Carmella has been a welcome addition to the Smackdown women’s title picture and helped to break the potential monotony of WWE doing too many Banks vs Bayley matches and burning fans out on the match.

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