These Three Women Will Lead WWE Into The Future

WWE Bianca Belair Rhea Ripley Shotzi Blackheart

WWE’s Women’s Evolution is finally seeing some payoff as women like AsukaBayley, and Sasha Banks have become marquee names on their brand.  Add to that Becky Lynch rising up to become the face of the company and the women in WWE have well and truly announced their arrival.  The thing is these women won’t be around forever.  Lynch may never wrestle full time again, Charlotte Flair is racking up injuries and wear and tear, same goes for Banks.  Meanwhile, Asuka just turned 39.  When these women have winded down or retired WWE will need new women to step up and we think these three women are perfect choices for the job.

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley NXT Women's Champion
Photo / World Wrestling Entertainment

Easily the most obvious choice of the bunch Rhea Ripley is a cant-miss prospect for the WWE.  At just 23 years old she is the full package, she can wrestle, she’s got charisma, she can cut a promo, and she understands the importance of image in pro wrestling.  With her punk aesthetic perfected she stands out from the crowd no matter where she goes and more than anything that’s what sets her apart as a star, she catches the eye of the viewer whenever she’s on your screen.

Earlier this year Ripley had the chance to feud with Charlotte Flair, Flair has been the standard-bearer of WWE’s women’s division for many years now.  In this feud, we saw Ripley’s talents on full display.  Throughout that feud, Ripley presented herself as a star on the level of Flair, which is very difficult to do, and come time for their WrestleMania match the two stole the show and had the best match on the show, further proving that Ripley can go in the ring at the highest level.

What’s scary about Ripley is that she will only get better.  At 23 she has at the very least decade left to hone her skills and try out different gimmicks and looks before finding the perfect one.  When all is said and done Ripley may go down as one of the greatest women in WWE history.  It would take some very unforeseen circumstances for her to not lead the WWE into the future.

Bianca Belair

bianca belair
Credit: WWE

There is no better advertisement for WWE’s PC and recruitment strategies than Bianca Belair.  Plucked from the world of CrossFit and Track & Field she took to wrestling like a duck to water.  She joined WWE in 2016 and spent a few years honing her skills and learning to wrestle and she’s been a big success.  She’s naturally athletic, and scarily strong, given her background but also has the kind of charisma that you can’t teach.  Add to that a work ethic that is impossible to match and you have the recipe for a superstar.

“…you’re supposed to work hard…that’s what you’re supposed to do…it’s a given” – quote from Belair from UpUpDownDown

Earlier this year Bianca Belair spotlighted her charisma when she got involved in the feud between Ripley and Flair.  As shown in the video below Belair steals the attention whenever she’s on screen.  Even when she isn’t the focus of the promo her reaction in the background steals the eyes.  Belair was so good in this mini-feud that some fans even wanted her added to the WrestleMania match and some even wanted her to win.

Belair, more than anyone on the roster, has the tools to transcend wrestling and become a star on the level of Becky Lynch.  Charisma like hers is rare, and finding it with a work ethic like hers is even rarer.  In our humble opinion, she is a once in a generation talent and WWE should push her to the moon.

Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi Blackheart
Photo / World Wrestling Entertainment

The green haired NXT Superstar is a relative newcomer to the company but in her short time has stolen the hearts of many fans.  While not as obvious a choice as Ripley or Belair we think big things are in store for Shotzi Blackheart.  The most important thing about Blackheart is that she stands out.  With her green hair and her tank she is instantly recognisable and a marketing teams dream.  Similar to Jeff Hardy she is willing to put her body on the line for this business and that makes you want to root for her.

Blackheart is very talented as an in-ring performer as shown by her recent match with Io Shirai.  With her talents in the ring and her daredevil style it’s not hard to picture her as a top babyface.  At just 27 years old she also has time to improve and a number of years at her peak before her style catches up with her physically.  The underdog babyface story is wrestling 101 and Shotzi Blackheart is the perfect candidate to be the Daniel Bryan of the women’s division.

Again, while not as obvious a choice as the other two Shotzi Blackheart has the potential to be a star reminiscent of Jeff Hardy.  Hardy was at one point the hottest babyface in wrestling and we wouldn’t be shocked to see the green haired daredevil hit the same heights.

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