#HireDanhausen: Fans, Wrestlers, and Celebrities Want Danhausen in ROH

Danhausen ROH

As #CodyFearsWARHORSE taught us, Twitter campaigns can be extremely powerful when it comes to wrestling companies listening to fans. Well, All Elite Wrestling did their part and now, it’s time for Ring of Honor to do the same. For months now, indie wrestling mega star, Danhausen, has been angling for a jobhausen with the company using the hashtag, #HireDanhausen, and it’s well past the time for ROH to listen to the masses and give the entire wrestling community what it wants.

The very nice and very evil one has been active on Twitter, creating videos expressing his desire to join the company and showcasing why he’d be such a great asset to ROH. Fans have responded in kind with some even using CAMEO to lend celebrity support to the #HireDanhausen campaign. From mainstream celebrities including Gilbert Godfried, Andy Dick, and Redman, to wrestling legends such as Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, and Bret Hart, everyone is in favor of Ring of Honor signing Danhausen.

Thus far, Danhausen’s efforts to get hired haven’t quite come to fruition, even though the eccentric one has invaded just about every aspect of the company and his movement has been picking up steam. Following months of the #HireDanhausen campaign, the Michigan native began to make progress, starting to appear on ROH YouTube shows including Week By Week, and Happy Hour with the Bouncers, where he laid out his case for Ring of Hausen and made sure to enforce the no swearing rule. With his ROH profile growing, Danhausen even got the supporthausen of current ROH talents, Brody King, Martina AKA Mothhausen, Shane Taylor, Dalton Castle, and Vincent, commentator Ian Riccaboni, and former owner and current ambassador, Cary Silkin, who tweeted that if he still owned the company he would have already signed the unique and macabre star.

But Danhausen still lacks the support of top ROH brass including Marty Scrull, who seems to have some sway in the decision-makinghausen as far as signing new talents. Convincing Scrull has not been easy but Danhausen did make progress in May, when Scrull and ROH released a Ring of Hausen t-shirt and offered the caveat that if it sold well, the company would consider hiring him. Since then, Twitter has been filled with fans showing off their Ring of Hausen merch and tagging the company with promises to subscribe to Honor Club should ROH pull the trigger on hiring the multi-dimensional star. But a Google search revealed that as of August 1st, Ring of Honor had still not done the deed. Should they wait too long, their loss may very well be another company’s gain as Danhausen is a one-of-a-kind talent who would certainly bring ROH all kinds of buzzhausen.

Trained by former ROH stars, Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini at the House of Truth in Michigan. In 2013, he made his debut, as Donovan Danhausen, for Metro Pro Wrestling and worked several other local indies. By 2015, Danhausen had started to become a regular in the Midwest indie scene, wrestling for promotions such as DREAMWAVE, Freelance Wrestling, Full Impact Pro, FEST Wrestling, Saint Louis Anarchy, IWA Mid South, and more. His profile continued to grow over the next few years as he expanded from the Midwest into the Southeast, and even made his debut in Canada, wrestling for Destiny Wrestling and Alpha-1 among others.

However, it wasn’t until 2018 and his regular appearances in Absolute Intense Wrestling and later Black Label Pro and Beyond Wrestling, that Danhausen began to break out. Dropping his first name and adding new elements to his gimmick that served as the foundation for who he is today, Danhausen started to become an overnight success in the Midwest and beyond, as he began to blow up both as a singles star and from his super popular tag teams with WARHORSE (Warhausen) and EFFY (Gaytanic Panic).

By 2019, Danhausen was making towns at some of the biggest indies in the region as he wrestled a career-high 55 matches. One of these matches was his ROH television debut, where he had the opportunity to face Shane Taylor for the TV title in November. While unsuccessful, Danhausen clearly made an impact,and back by popular demand, he returned to the company in January to face Rhett Titus and then Dak Draper. In February, he made his final ROH appearance to date at Free Enterprise, taking part in the #1 contender’s tournament for the world title, which was won by Flip Gordon.

The timehausen is now, for ROH to listen to the masses and sign Danhausen, and it’s very likely they would have if not for the disruption of COVID-19. But as the company prepares to resume filming empty arena shows as IMPACT Wrestling, AEW, and WWE have already been doing, there will no doubt be a spot on those cards for the unique stylings of Danhausen, who counts among his inspirations, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Batman (1989), What We Do In The Shadows, The Simpsons and, Conan O’Brien.”

It’s quite the listhausen, but while Danhausen’s character pulls from that material, it is also wholly unique, especially in his exaggerated mannerisms and the dark comedy that is on display when Danhausen cuts a promo or crafts a video. His fame has come in part thanks to his social media usage and if he does receive a contract with ROH, he’ll have Twitter and the #HireDanhausen campaign that he started, to thank for it.

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