#AndNEW: Leon Wins PURE-J Openweight Championship


Not only was July 26th a big day for Stardom who crowned multiple new champions, but it was also a big day for PURE-J as they crowned a new PURE-J Openweight Champion when Leon defeated Hanako Nakamori in possibly the biggest match the company could run.

Leon and Nakamori are the top names of the promotion given their wealth of experience and obvious talent, Leon celebrated twenty years in pro wrestling this year while Nakamori has fourteen years of experience under her belt.  The two have been building to this title clash in tag matches spread out across the year and their interactions have always been interesting as both wrestle a similarly stiff style the only difference being Leon is the more agile of the two while Nakamori is more of a striker.  Given their talent and experience, this match should be nothing short of fantastic and should PURE-J upload it to their VOD service we would highly recommend watching it.

With the win Leon becomes a two-time PURE-J Openweight Champion, her last reign of just 21 days was ended by Nakamori at Command Bolshoi’s retirement show.  Nakamori has held it ever since with her third reign totalling 462 days.  Leon remains one of only four people to ever hold the title with the other three being Nakamori, Bolshoi and Sendai Girls’ DASH Chisako.

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