The Good Brothers Appear in “Flashback” Segment on BTE

On Monday’s episode of Being The Elite, Matt Jackson recounts a story to his brother Nick Jackson of talking to former Bullet Club stablemates Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows – aka The Good Brothers – in a “flashback” segment from 2016. In it, the Young Bucks “hypothetically” ask the former 3x IWGP Tag Team Champions if they would ever consider joining their potential new promotion.

Matt Jackson asks the duo if they would ever consider working for them if they owned their own company:

“We have this idea, maybe one day, we can start our own wrestling company.”

Luke Gallows: “Bullet Club Wrestling…”

Matt Jackson: “Give or take, Bullet Club Wrestling…and this isn’t going to happen tomorrow, it’s not going to happen in a year, maybe, I don’t know, in four years from now, New Year’s Eve 2019, give or take. I don’t know. But if we did hypothetically start this, would you guys come with us?”

Karl Anderson (to Gallows): “You’ve always said that.”

Gallows: “I said the boom is coming! The boom is here!”

Nick Jackson: “Who knows, TNT may pick us up!”

Matt: “Who knows, that sounds crazy!”

Gallows: “I keep saying I want Ted Turner back in the wrestling business!”

The Good Brothers agreed to join the promotion, that is until the Bucks left the room.

Anderson: “What the f**k are they talking about?”

Gallows: “You know this Bullet Club thing is getting us to New York [WWE], right? We’re gonna go f***ing Fed. We’ll be famous as sh*t!”

Anderson: “Do those little monks not know it’s a work? Jesus, what’s wrong with them?”

Gallows: “Do you think TNT wants f***ing wrestling after what happened last time, no?”

Anderson: “F**k no.”

Gallows: “F**k no. We’re goin’ to WWE.”

Anderson: “Vanilla little people is what it is.”

Gallows: “Listen, we don’t do spots and bullshit like that. We’re gonna be famous. We’re gonna tag with f**ing Hunter one day, trust me.”

Anderson: “I love the fact that you wanna team with Triple H.”

Gallows: “I can’t wait. There’s two Pauls I in that company I want to work with, and neither one of them would f***ing lie to me.”

The flashback segment, clearly filmed recently, ends with a shot at the reports that Paul Heyman was the one responsible for the pairs’ recent departure this past April from the WWE after recommending they be cut to Vince McMahon and then lying about it to AJ Styles, as well as Triple H’s comments that dissuaded the two from possibly signing with AEW.

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On a recent episode of Anderson & Gallows’ podcast with Rocky Romero, Talk N’ Shop, Anderson stated that “Triple H looked at me and was like, ‘Dude, I look at you and I see your kids, and I think about what if AEW doesn’t last? I can promise you one thing, WWE will always be here.’ And it’s like, we stopped being boss and employee at that point and we became – obviously not friends – but at least, for a second, we were two humans talking. And I’m not saying that Triple H could have called somebody, or stopped anything, or knew anything, or even cared. But hearing that from your boss and then seeing something like [us getting released] happen, you’re like, ‘God damn, they don’t give a f**k.'”

The pair also commented on AJ Styles’ recent comments of Heyman being a “bold-faced liar”, stating on their podcast that “In trying to get to the bottom of [us being let go] – because it did feel f–king weird, so we started kinda asking around, like, ‘What the f–k happened?'” Anderson pondered. “And then we hear, ‘Well, it was Paul Heyman inspired.’ And I was like, ‘Really?’ And so we told AJ that… So, AJ went to somebody and asked, ‘Is this Paul Heyman inspired?’ They said, ‘Yes’. AJ went to Paul Heyman and said, ‘Did you fire these guys, or did you put the word in to fire them?’ And Paul said, ‘No, you have my word. If I would have known, then I would have gone to bat for them.’ And AJ went, ‘Okay’, he went back to that [first] guy… he goes, ‘Is this what happened?’ and the person goes, ‘Yes’. So, AJ goes in to Vince and he says, ‘You’ve got to tell me the truth, is Paul the one that said to fire these guys?’ Vince told AJ, he said, ‘Listen, they weren’t on my list, but yes, this was a Heyman thing.'” Luke Gallows didn’t mince words when he added that “apparently he thought we were making too much money for what we were doing, and he’s a f**ing liar and he’s a piece of s**t,” Gallows said. (Credit for the Talk N’ Shop Podcast with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription).

The Good Brothers made their North American return to TV when they recently signed with IMPACT Wrestling, making their televised debut with the company at Saturday’s Slammiversary.

If you use any quotes from Being The Elite segment, please credit Being the Elite with a h/t to Last Word on Pro Wrestling for the transcription.

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