EC3 Unleashes Final Warning In New IMPACT Video

We know that EC3 is back with IMPACT Wrestling following his appearance at the end of Slammiversary as he revealed himself as the hooded man who IMPACT was teasing for weeks on end. But that was about it, as he simply screamed and threw the glass against the wall as he stormed off. IMPACT has since teased that it will be this Tuesday when we learn what is next for him. However, on Sunday night they released another teaser in the form of a seven-minute video that was clearly provided to them from EC3. His message was clear.

Control the narrative and you have been officially warned by EC3:

In the video, you see EC3 walking down the sidewalk with what seems to be followers joining him. As he walks, he arrives at a barrel on fire and begins to empty multiple pieces of his WWE merchandise into the fire to watch it burn away. The video continues to see EC3 arriving to a ring after looking at a sign that reads “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.” He steps into the ring to reveal himself and immediately beats down the wrestler who attempted to oppose him. He locked in a new submission that one can figure will be his new finisher as apart of IMPACT. He stared into the camera to reiterate the words that were said on the sign earlier: You have been warned.

EC3 is coming with a message on Tuesday. A message that all should listen to as the IMPACT that was already turned on its head Saturday night will only continue to turn. “The Narrative” arrives on Tuesday night.

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