Swamp Things: The Sordid History of Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman

Bray Wyatt
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As The Horror Show at Extreme Rules draws closer and closer, so does the Wyatt Swamp Fight between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt. Their history is one of the more unique stories of the past five years really. Strowman was essentially the man created by Wyatt to help him destroy Roman Reigns in the summer of 2015. Now, here in 2020, Strowman is the Universal Champion as Bray Wyatt resurrects his former self to try and get into the head of the champion. Their story is different. It’s some impressive story-telling. And five years later, they hope to destroy each other. Here’s the history between these two men as they prepare for the fight in the swamp that brought them together years ago.

The Rise of the Black Sheep

The Wyatt Family was without one when Erick Rowan went down with an injury in 2015, leaving the Family to only Wyatt and Luke Harper. That allowed Wyatt’s rival, Roman Reigns, to pair off with his Shield brother Dean Ambrose and even the score. But Wyatt made it clear that as long as Reigns was present, he would be there to put him down. On Aug. 24, Wyatt introduced Sister Abigail’s black sheep, Braun Strowman. Looking like he wasn’t allowed to shave or anything, you could see the size of this man and the problem he presented the WWE moving forward.

Their pairing together led to mayhem on the WWE roster, with multiple occurrences of Strowman being the reason The Wyatt Family was strong again. In the 2016 Royal Rumble, Strowman showed his power and ability as he eliminated five men in the match. He was eventually eliminated by Brock Lesnar before The Wyatt’s teamed together to take out “The Beast.”

Believe it or not, their run together in The Wyatt Family didn’t even last a full year, as Strowman was drafted to Raw in the brand split draft during 2016, and Bray was sent to SmackDown, disbanding some of the family and setting both up for personal success moving forward.

However, it was at the 2016 Survivor Series where they would meet opposed for the first time in the Traditional Elimination match. Wyatt stepped in front of Strowman as he approached his new ally, Randy Orton. It seemed as though Strowman was under the trance again before snapping out of it and going for Wyatt. That was really all of their work against each other until this year.

Fun House Wyatt Tries To Find His Friend

When Braun Strowman filled in for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania to become the new Universal Champion, many believed that his run could be short-lived. Strowman was soon met by his former leader in Bray Wyatt, who was a former Universal Champion in his own right. What was interesting, however, was the fact they were not including the other side of Fun House Bray in any form. It was between him and Wyatt as all Bray wanted to do was bring out his friend instead of fight. At Money in the Bank, Wyatt tried and failed, being pummeled and put to an end by Braun Strowman. Many believed it wasn’t over but it seemingly was put on the backburner for a month.

The Resurrection Of “The Cult Leader” And Into The Swamp 

When Bray Wyatt reappeared after his month off, he told the world what he had learned when he was away. He mentioned that he developed the skill of resurrection, soon revealing to Braun Strowman that “The Cult Leader” of The Wyatt Family was home for the first time since he seemingly killed that version of himself. In recent weeks, Strowman has committed to returning to the Swamp that he and Wyatt became one at. With another cinematic match in the wings, it’s only a matter of time before the final version of Bray Wyatt rises. The Wyatt Swamp Fight is not for the Universal Championship, mind you. Perhaps SummerSlam is when that title will be on the line again.  Strowman looks to finally put his past, and whatever grasp Wyatt has over him, in the rearview mirror by defeating his supposed creator.

A “Fiend” Could Be Lurking

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Bray Wyatt brought back the version of him that he loathed to try and get in the head of Braun Strowman. As a fan, you have to be thinking about one thing. Where is “The Fiend?” The main part of his draw for so long was the sadistic side of the Fun House, as “The Fiend” brought home the Universal Championship once before.

The history between Wyatt and Strowman will add another chapter at Extreme Rules. But if you’ve been following, you may simply be awaiting “The Fiend.” Of course, the cult version of Bray Wyatt could be enough to take down Braun Strowman once and for all. Time will tell and the first-ever Swamp fight will provide one of the most interesting twists in this story yet.

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