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The NWA Powerrr Recap (3/3/20)

NWA Powerrr

With the World Tag Team and Television Championships up for grabs, the highs are stake on this episode of NWA Powerrr! In addition, we will learn more about the upcoming Crockett Cup. Specifically, we will learn about the show’s NWA World Heavyweight Championship match. This, and more, will be discussed in this edition of the Recap!

This week’s episode of NWA Powerrr opens with Sean Mooney previewing the two aforementioned championship matches. We then cut to our first match of the show. With these two personalities clashing, this match will be anything but dull.

Zicky Dice vs. Ricky Starks (c) (NWA World Television Championship)

Zicky Dice plays to the crowd to start, even taunting the champion. Ricky Starks, not one to be shy, matches him in that department. Starks stays on the challenger, who eventually rolls to the outside. Eventually, the fight spills to the outside, where Dice tosses Starks into the steel steps. He then stretches the champion across the ring post and follows up with a running basement dropkick. Dice cinches in a headlock, maintaining control of the match. Starks lands a falcon arrow for a two-count. Dice takes back control, hitting the Shake, Rattle, and Roll neckbreaker. He goes for the pin, but Starks gets his leg on the rope. Dice attempts to use his fanny pack as a distraction, but it backfires, allowing Starks to take back control. Dice gets the surprise pinfall and we have a new champion!

Winner: Zicky Dice

David Marquez interviews the new champion, who is quickly shooed away by Thom Latimer. He barks for Joe Galli to approach the podium. Hesitantly, Galli approaches. Latimer reprimands Galli for trying to get Kamille to speak. Latimer reveals that, next week, Kamille will speak.

Obviously, the big event from this segment was Dice becoming the new TV Champion. To say that he has been entertaining would be an understatement and he certainly lives up to his “Outlandish” moniker. Starks was a solid inaugural TV Champion since the title’s revival, but something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of him in the scene.

We cut to Kyle Davis, who holds a press conference regarding The Crockett Cup.

It is here that Marty Scurll will challenge Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Scurll says that he has to win the title, citing his wealth of knowledge as a “master” of professional wrestling. Meanwhile, Aldis says that when a wrestler has the opportunity to face him, they have the chance to live forever. This match will take place on April 19 at The Crockett Cup.

From there, we cut to a ventriloquist’s interview with The Question Mark. The puppet doing the talking is wearing an outfit similar to The Question Mark’s as well. If nothing else, this fits the silly tone of NWA Powerrr‘s previous ads and the masked martial arts expert of Mongrovia is nothing short of entertaining in any situation.

NWA Powerrr returns to the studio, where Marquez interviews The Question Mark and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Aron Stevens. The champion says that they want more gold in the form of the NWA World Tag Team Championship. He calls out The Rock N’ Roll Express, who come out to an ovation. Stevens tells them that a match will help his quest for the tag titles and would like their help. The Rock N’ Roll Express challenge them to a match next week. Between the comedic antics of Stevens and The Question Mark and the tag team legacy of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, this match looks to be an interesting one.

The Dawsons vs. Caleb Konley and CW Anderson (Last Chance Match)

The Dawsons immediately blindside the opposing team to begin the match. Caleb Konley shows great fire, nailing a series of running corner attacks. Meanwhile, the veteran CW Anderson shows tremendous guts, his ECW experience helping him stay in the fight. Soon, The Dawsons get Anderson alone in the ring, hitting a double suplex for a two-count. Konley, who attempts to mount a comeback, is floored by tandem offense. Miscommunication between The Dawsons gives Konley the opportunity to mount another comeback, only to be hit by a double powerbomb. Likewise, Anderson finds himself struggling against the powerhouse tag team. Konley hits a big tope suicida before he and Anderson execute a spinebuster/springboard moonsault combination for the pinfall victory! Konley and Anderson keep their jobs in NWA while The Dawsons must leave the promotion.

Winners: Caleb Konley and CW Anderson

To say that this match exuded babyface fire would be an understatement. The Dawsons, since day one, have been positioned as one of the dominant teams in NWA. Meanwhile, Konley and Anderson, while entertaining in their own respects, have been viewed as underdogs. However, it was this positioning that made Konley and Anderson easy to root for. Perhaps we will see them become a more solid tag team in the shows to come.

Galli welcomes May Valentine and Sal Rinauro to the podium. Valentine talks up her video diary and says that Rinauro has been working with her since his injury. Rinauro says that while he’s had a bad break, in the literal sense, it gave him the chance to work with Valentine. He says it’s been his “lucky break.” In regard to Kamille speaking next week, Valentine says that she will mean business. With the support of Galli, Valentine starts to cut an episode of her video diary, recording herself, Rinauro, and the fans in attendance.

This brings out Royce Isaacs, who interrupts the shoot.

Rinauro attempts to intervene and grabs his good arm. Isaacs taunts breaking Rinauro’s arm against the steps, Valentine pleading for him not to. Eventually, Isaacs lets Rinauro go and Valentine storms off. Despite many “love triangle” angles in wrestling not working, this has been surprisingly effective. Rinauro is easily likable and Valentine has quickly grown on the NWA faithful. Add in Isaacs, who has been detestable in his jealousy, and this simple angle has done well.

Marquez interviews The Pope, who’s flanked by The Bouncers. The Pope says that the team in question has taken advantage of the change he brings; with him, they will shine. Beer City Bruiser says that The Pope has the money they’re looking for. He also says that The Bouncers will prove themselves as the best tag team in the universe and become the new NWA World Tag Team Champions. This match starts next.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas) (w/The Pope) vs. James Storm and Eli Drake (c) (w/Eddie Kingston) (NWA World Tag Team Championship)

Eli Drake and Brian Milonas start things off. They mouth off before Drake peppers Milonas with quick strikes. He fails to hit a scoop slam on Milonas, but Drake stays on him before getting hit with a shoulder block. Milonas tags Beer City Bruiser, who continues the attack in the corner. Drake makes the tag to James Storm, who nails a knee drop. Eventually, Beer City Bruiser takes control and tags Milonas. Storm attempts to mount a comeback, only for Milonas to cut him off. Beer City Bruiser is tagged back in and bites the forehead of the champion. As this match continues, The Pope and Eddie Kingston stare one another down.

The Bouncers keep Storm in their corner. Eventually, Storm fights back and makes the hot tag to Drake. He hits a springboard dropkick on Beer City Bruiser and Storm hits an assisted plancha to the outside on the challengers. Drake rolls up Beer City Bruiser for a two-count. The Bouncers hit a double running splash on Drake and Milonas plants Storm with a side slam for a two-count of his own. Drake intercepts The Blackout, saving Storm in the process. They plant Milonas with a double body slam. Storm hits Beer City Bruiser with a Last Call and Drake follows up with a leaping elbow for the victory!

Winners: James Storm and Eli Drake

Kingston joins the champions in the ring before inviting The Pope to enter the ring. The Pope refuses, making his way to the back to close this episode of NWA Powerrr.

Final Thoughts

NWA Powerrr has been well-received for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that it’s an easy watch. It seems like every episode does something different from the one prior and this was no exception. The two title matches were treated as big deals, especially in the case of Starks defending against Dice. The Lucky 7 rule makes the TV Championship so interesting – one would argue as much as the World Heavyweight Championship – as it leaves you wondering who will last and take the next step to potential greatness.

There was solid character building in this episode, too. Specifically, the segment between Valentine, Rinauro, and Isaacs was quite enjoyable. Though she’s a member of Strictly Business, Valentine has grown on the NWA Powerrr faithful, due in no small part to her video diaries. Her budding friendship with Rinauro has only made him more affable, too. It seems like he may be on the cusp of returning to in-ring competition soon. Once this happens, expect him to get strong ovations, especially against the man who attempted to break his other arm.

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