Preview: Riot City Wrestling (RCW) – ReAnimated XV (2/8/20)


Not ones to miss out on all of the action this weekend Riot City Wresting in Adelaide has a stacked card set for ReAnimated XV on Saturday.

Cadie Tre vs Havok with Ben Rosenthal vs Dean Brady vs Royce Chambers


Four incredible talents and unique personalities square off in clash which set to light up the Latvian Hall. Whether it’s the high-flying of Royce Chambers or the brutality of Havok there is sure to be a little bit of something for everyone in this match.

Given these men are all very capable and evenly matched this one is incredibly tough to call. However, with the meteoric rise of Chambers around the country recently look for him to have a slight confidence advantage over the rest of the field.

The Parea (Eli Theseus & Gabriel Aeros) vs Mike Boomer & Zak Sabbath


After disappearing for months the beloved party boys The Parea returned to RCW as changed men. Now that they’ve returned these two youngsters have returned with a massive chip on their shoulders. 

Angry that the veterans of RCW have held them back and looked down upon them as simply brash rookies The Parea want to send a message with their return. A message which was felt loud and clear by Mike Boomer and Zak Sabbath when they were attacked from behind by two masked men, later revealed to be The Parea.

This weekend the veterans look for revenge when they take on the youngsters face-to-face. Will experience or ambition win this war?

Barren vs Jonathan Corvidae

Perhaps one of the most unique characters in all of Australian wrestling will be in action this weekend. Barren is unlike anything ever seen in RCW before and since his arrival, he has been on a path of destruction.

Looking to halt Barren in his tracks is Jonathan Corvidae. Will he be able to overcome yet another giant obstacle in his career or will Barren’s brute force simply be too much?

Adam Brooks vs Nick Armstrong


With a combined 650 days as RCW Champion between them, Brooks and Armstrong are the most decorated athletes in RCW history. This Saturday these two will reignite their rivalry when they clash one more time.

As these are two of the best talents in the country fans are guaranteed an epic encounter whenever these two meet. Whoever comes out of this one with their arm raised will likely place themselves in prime position to challenge for the RCW title in the future. So there is more than just bragging rights at stake.

RCW Championship No. 1 Contendership: Jett Armstrong vs Steve Miller with Jimmy C

In a first time ever matchup two of RCW’s most loved men clash this Saturday.

Both men had great years in 2019 and are now seeing the payoff for their efforts. The winner of this match will cement themselves as the No. 1 Contender for the RCW Championship.

Given that the winner of this encounter will be next in line you can bet they’ll e keeping a close eye on the main event later in the evening. However, they must be careful not to get to far ahead of themselves or they risk letting this huge opportunity slip through their fingers.

RCW Tag Team Championship: Gods & Monsters (Big Brodie Marshall & Grimm) (c) vs World Class Egos (Chris Basso & Matt Hayter)


The RCW Tag Team Titles will be on the line when two stacked teams meet this weekend.

Gods & Monsters have had a stranglehold over the RCW Tag Titles since July, but they haven’t faced a team like World Class Egos. 

The team of Chris Basso and Matt Hayter bring a totally new dimension to the tag team scene. With two highly touted athletes and two very large egos, this paring may just have the tools to knock off the champs.

Don’t expect a high-flying, fast-paced affair here. This one is going to a bruising battle between two teams of heavyweights hell-bent on capturing the gold.

RCW Championship: Rocky Menero (c) vs Mick Moretti

Typically when a championship is on the line you expect a good, honest, hard-fought battle. However, that is unlikely to be the case this weekend when two of the most devious and sneaky men in wrestling go head to head.

In 2019 no matter what happened the reigning RCW Champion managed to walk out with his title reign intact. Sometimes by more than dubious means. On Saturday Rocky Menero may finally have met his match when it comes to sneaky tactics.

Mick Moretti has become known as ‘The Rapscallion’ for a reason. Famed for his sneakiness and use of mind games to get under the skin of his opponents Moretti has been at it again ahead of his RCW Championship opportunity. Moretti has seemingly been occupying the headspace of the champ, with Menero becoming paranoid during his everyday life.

Will the mind games of Moretti see a new champion sitting upon the throne of RCW? Or will Menero find yet another slimy way to walk out of the Latvian Hall with his title?

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