Preview: Melbourne City Wrestling – Clash Of The Titans (2/1/20)


Melbourne City Wrestling is back again this weekend with yet another loaded card. This weekend will see every championship in the company up for grabs at Clash Of The Titans.

Whilst much of the focus will be on the title scene this weekend there are plenty of other stories to keep an eye on. Will the Australian legend KrackerJak finally return to the ring? What’s next for Jake Andrewartha?

Until then let’s breakdown the announced matches so far.

Royce Chambers vs Zane Zodiac vs Zeke Andino

Clash Of The Titans

The ‘Air Force Three’ concept match returns to MCW this weekend.

Featuring three incredible young performers this is set to be a fast paced, high-flying encounter. For Zane Zodiac and Zeke Andino this will be their first opportunity to showcase their abilities on the grand stage of the Thornbury Theatre. Their opponent Royce Chambers though will be looking to make another big step in his career and climb further up the ladder in MCW after impressive shows previously.

With Royce Chambers name seemingly on the lips of ever wrestler in Australia this is his opportunity to prove the hype is real.

#1 Contender Match: Mile High Club (Tyson Baxter & Jett Rouka) vs The Velocities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)

Clash Of The Titans

Two of the hottest high-flying tag teams in Australia finally meet this weekend. The winner of this match will become next in line for an MCW Tag Team Championship opportunity.

A matchup which can very easily be described as a dream clash, despite Mile High Club’s relative inexperience. These two teams are known to fly around the ring at breakneck pace, so this will be a blink and you’ll miss it affair.

With this match marking Tyson Baxter’s in-ring return from a debilitating ACL injury it will be interesting to see if he can return with confidence. For The Velocities they will no doubt be placing a target on Baxter’s knee, and may in fact bring out a new vicious side we haven’t seen before in MCW.

Marcus Kool vs Lochy Hendricks

For the first time since July of 2019 ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks will compete in an MCW ring. However, this is a very different ‘Loverboy’ than we’re used to.

During his time away the ‘Loverboy’ appears to have found enlightenment from a spiritual guru. Enlightenment which has converted Lochy as he now seeks approval from his fellow “brothers & sisters” rather than listening to himself only.

Waiting to welcome ‘Loverboy’ back is ‘The Hooligan’ Marcus Kool, who doesn’t believe a word that comes out of the mouth of Hendricks. During this outing in MCW Kool is no longer to ‘go viral on Sport Bible’ this time around he says he simply wants to “kick your [Lochy’s] teeth down your throat.”

MCW Women’s Championship: Steph De Lander (c) vs Avary

SDL is fired up for MCW Clash of the Titans

Steph De Lander has dominated Melbourne City Wrestling for close to a year now, and she has promised that it will be no different when she defends the MCW Women's Championship against Avary, THIS SATURDAY NIGHT at MCW Clash of the Titans, live from The Thornbury TheatreTickets online or at the door:

Posted by Melbourne City Wrestling on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Two ladies who are no strangers to each other are set to go to war for the MCW Women’s Championship once again.

Since becoming the inaugural MCW Women’s Champion De Lander has welcomed any and all challengers, seeing them all off with ease. 

Will a renewed, refreshed and more determined than ever Avary finally be able to knock the unstoppable ‘Python Powerhouse’ off her throne?

Avary goes to Therapy

Ahead of her MCW Women's Championship match against Steph De Lander at MCW Clash of the Titans, Avary has been doing some soul searching…Will the Bin Chicken capture the championship this Saturday night at The Thornbury Theatre? Make sure you're there to find out! Tickets online or at the door –

Posted by Melbourne City Wrestling on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Danny Psycho (c) vs Caveman Ugg

Clash Of The Titans

At last month’s Vendetta Caveman Ugg went through hell, but ultimately overcame the monstrous Hartley Jackson in their No Holds Barred encounter. With that victory, Ugg earned himself an opportunity to challenge the reigning MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, Danny Psycho at this weekend’s Clash Of The Titans.

The timing of this battle may prove to be incredibly fortuitous for the Caveman as the champion finds himself embroiled in psychological warfare with an unknown stalker. For months now a series of strange, menacing, and frankly unsettling videos have been directed towards Psycho. In more recent weeks the person behind these videos has yet to reveal their identity, but has promised to reveal all this weekend.

Will the mental stress be too much for the champion to set aside and ultimately see him relinquish his grip on the championship? find out when these two incredible athletes square of Saturday night.

MCW Tag Team Championship: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) vs The Natural Classics (Tome & Stevie Filip)

In yet another championship encounter on this stacked card two tag teams who know each other like the back of their hands face off yet again.

Following their victory over the newly formed Last Of A Dying Breed (Mike Burr & Ritchie Taylor), The Natural Classics are due another shot at MCW Tag Team gold. This weekend they’ll get that opportunity against the highly decorated Brat Pack.

Last year these two teams faced off for these titles twice, and arguably had two of the best matches in MCW for the year. As the tag division heats up in MCW in 2020 who will walk out this weekend as the top dogs?

MCW World Championship: Adam Brooks (c) vs Davis Storm

Clash Of The Titans

After defeating former champion Slex in an impromptu matchup at Vendetta Brooks now moves onto his second MCW World Championship defense against Perth’s Davis Storm.

Both men in this clash are vastly experienced, but in slightly different ways. For Storm he is a veteran on the Australian scene with over two decades of experience. Brooks, on the other hand, has less cumulative time competing as a professional, but he has traveled the world and learned a vast array of different styles.

Capturing the MCW World Championship last year saw the culmination of career long dream for Brooks. This weekend though Storm is looking to turn that dream in to a nightmare. He will do that by stealing the title away from Brooks before he can take it globetrotting later in 2020.

Should Storm capture the MCW Championship this weekend he will have finally proven that despite competing in MCW numerous times unsuccessfully he more than deserves this opportunity.

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