SmackDown Highlights – John Morrison Assists The Miz For Win (1/10/20)

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The Friday Night SmackDown highlights are back and better than ever as the freshened up SmackDown continues the feel this week including all their new superstars in one shape or form. What was John Morrison and The Miz going to say following last week? Did Sheamus have an explanation about his attack on Chad Gable? And The Usos compete in their first match back. Here are the highlights.

Mandy Gives Otis A ‘Sorry’ Cake, Assists Her For Win

The best story on WWE TV could possibly be the story between the wonderful Mandy Rose and the “everyman”, Otis. This week was just another chapter in this story that has been unfolding on SmackDown. Mandy was preparing for her match and Sonya Deville was talking up her Fire N Desire partner, but she seemed to be thinking about something else. We would learn later that Mandy made a cake for Otis as an apology, something that made him very happy. You can hear Tucker saying not to trust it.

Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose

Alexa Bliss is a five-time women’s champion. Mandy Rose has yet to win a championship at all in her career. Clearly, a win here would be gigantic for Mandy. And that is exactly what she got thanks to Otis. As Bliss was closing in on the win with a DDT, the music of Heavy Machinery hit and Bliss, along with everyone, was beyond confused. This allowed Mandy to roll up Bliss for the win and Otis knew exactly what he was doing. Where this story goes, we do not know. But either way, we are all here for it.

Braun Strowman Pins Shinsuke Nakamura

Any time you pin a champion in the WWE, it should be a big deal. SmackDown had that happen last night, as Braun Strowman went one-on-one with Shinsuke Nakamura. Sami Zayn and Cesaro attempted to do anything and everything for their buddy to get the win but Strowman seized the opportunity. He would dodge Nakamura who attempted to nail him with the Intercontinental Championship, lifting him up for the powerslam and pinning him for the three count. After the match, he lifted up the championship. All signs point to the match happening at the Royal Rumble.

SmackDown MVP: John Morrison & The Miz


SmackDown kicked off with Miz TV and the crowd was hot for it. Not because of Miz TV really, but because of the guest who would be making his way out. This would be John Morrison‘s first appearance in a WWE ring since 2011, which made it so important. Morrison made his old entrance, music and all, before talking to his friend. Miz explained that his friend was there for him last week, and then allowed Morrison to discuss why he showed up now. “The Shaman of Sexy” discussed that he was going to have a huge Royal Rumble return but decided being there for his friend was more important. Then Morrison blamed the fans, calling them all sorts of names before The New Day made their way out. They were not so shockingly on the same side as Kofi Kingston and Big E called Miz’s apology fake.

This led to a match between Kofi and Miz, a rematch from last week. But this time, it was Miz, not Kofi, picking up the win but much of the credit should go to Morrison. JoMo took out Big E with parkour flip of sorts, allowing Miz to take care of an occupied Kingston for the win. Next week, Morrison will return to the ring to face Big E in a singles match.

SmackDown was an up and down show, with the second hour really not being needed due to a usual Baron Corbin beat down. Thankfully, the road to WrestleMania begins in two weeks from Sunday as the Royal Rumble inches closer.

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