The NXT Recap (12/18/19)


As 2019 comes to a close NXT looks to go out with a bang. Two highly anticipated title matches, one a long-awaited dream match and one the culmination of one of the hottest feuds of the year. Finn Balor vs Adam Cole and Shayna Baszler vs Rhea Ripley, let’s not wait any longer and dive into these incredible matches.


The much anticipated NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Finn Balor kicked off this week’s episode of NXT. Each man was able to get in their signature offense and also show off their in-ring IQ. Cole being the vicious heel attacking Balor’s injured knee and Balor being able to counter Cole’s Panama Sunrise consistently.

It looked like we would have a new NXT Champion as Balor nailed Cole with a Coup De Grace. All of that was undone as Johnny Gargano made his shocking return. This was enough to distract Balor and allow Cole to nail Balor with a low blow and “The Last Shot” for the win.

Gargano proceeded to blast Balor with chair shot after chair shot until Balor retreated to the back. Johnny Wrestling stared on with chair in hand indicating this rivalry has only just begun.



Last week Cameron Grimes attacked Kushida, this week he looked to avenge his loss to the Japanese sensation. Kushida was dominant early using a heavy mat wrestling game and brutal strikes to control. Grimes was able to get back into the match with his unique style, particularly his crossbody reversal.

Between Kushida targeting the arm of Grimes and Grimes’ strength advantage, you felt the match could end at any moment. After a fast-paced exchange of strikes, Grimes nailed Kushida with “The Cave In” to pick up the win.


NXT continues to push World’s collide, as Pete Dunne and Travis Banks faced off this week. A great showcase for anyone that has not seen Banks wrestle before. Banks looked like Dunne’s equal matching “The Bruiserweight” move for move.

Dunne managed to pull off the victory, nailing Banks with”The Bitter End” to get the three count. The two competitors showed each other mutual respect after the match.


This match would either be the crowning moment of Rhea Ripley’s incredible push or further establish Shayna Baszler as the greatest NXT Women’s Champion of all time. Neither woman gained the advantage early and it wasn’t until Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir made their way to ringside that the match picked up.

Baszler’s henchwomen managed to injure Ripley’s arm before the referee ejected them from ringside. The doctor checked on Ripley to see if she wanted to continue, showing her resilience Rhea insisted. Shayna capitalized blindsiding Ripley and slamming her into the ring post.

The match broke down late allowing Baszler to pull off some of her dirty tricks, giving her control and allowing her to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch. Just as it looked like she would fall victim to this deadly hold, Ripley fought back grabbing the referee by the shirt and exploding out of the hold.

Ripley would finally see the mountain top, nailing Shayna with an “Avalanche Riptide” to score the victory. Ripley raised the title to the cheers of the NXT faithful and closed the show celebrating with the rest of the locker room in the ring.

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