SmackDown Highlights – Firefly Fun House Returns (10/25/19)

The build to Crown Jewel continues which means both Raw and SmackDown feel like they’re in quick sand this week. By far the weakest SmackDown so far as it took place on FS1 here in the states and was clearly not looked at as a huge deal despite putting big names on the show. Here’s the highlights.

Bray Wyatt Revives The Fun House and Rambling Rabbit

The Firefly Fun House was back just three weeks after Seth Rollins burned it down on Raw as Bray Wyatt completely rebuilt it to its original form. Unfortunately for them however it was a time of celebrations to kick off, as Rambling Rabbit had a service done for him due to the death he suffered during the Rollins burning it down situation. Bray, with his “Hurt” and “Heal” gloves on was able to heal Rambling Rabbit back to life before Mercy The Buzzard ate him once again. There was not too much focus on his upcoming match at Crown Jewel, but this was good to see the Fun House back in action.

Daniel Bryan Remains Quiet About The “YES! Movement”

Daniel Bryan was out for an interview with Michael Cole where Cole had one simple question, asking if the “YES! Movement” was back following Bryan’s recent actions. Soon enough, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn came out to ruin him answering, asking him to join them instead and forget the people. They could save the world together. Bryan just stared at them and walked out without saying anything at all. The question is certainly raised, but the Daniel Bryan that fans beloved long ago could very well be on his way back.

Photo / WWE

That’s it for SmackDown. A less than exciting show as Crown Jewel is next Thursday. Once we get past that, fans can hopefully see a more inspired show.

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