CMLL 86 Aniversario: Dalys Loses To Metalica In “Montreal Screw Job Fashion”

Just a week out of CMLL’s biggest show of the year, the 86 Aniversario event, and  there is a new Mexican National Women’s Champion in Metalica after defeating Dalys in what was originally a match between Dalys and Marcela at the big show, however, due to an ankle injury, Marcela was unable to compete and as a result was stripped of the title. This left Dalys to face Metalica in a two out of three falls match that resulted in a way that was reminiscent of the infamous Montreal Screw Job.

During the final fall of the match, after dominating the fall Dalys attempted to put Metalica in a La Magistral cradle for the win, however, Metalica would reverse it to ultimately get the pin over Dalys to become the new Mexican National Women’s Champion. The issue here was, upon reversing it, Dalys only had one shoulder pinned to the mat with the referee facing Dalys’ back. Metalicas had one foot under the rope and another one on the bottom rope, as if to show the perception she was winning by cheating.

After the win, Dalys seemed to look visibly upset and grabbed the ref to plead her case of never being pinned correctly, however, the ref would have none of it and Dalys would storm out of the ring thereafter as Metalica would celebrate her win. There seems to be a back story to the result of the match however as reported by the ever-reliable Cubs Fan.

According to Señor Luchablog, Dalys, like many who have come in and out of the promotion attempted to politic her way to a win during this match, but because it was against Metalica, Dalys did not want to lose. The original match versus Marcela was a match that Dalys would have lost, but because she was hurt, Dalys did not want to lose once Metalica was named as her new opponent.

It appeared that CMLL booked themselves into a corner once the news came out that Marcela was out injured, and the result was an ugly one. Where this story goes moving forward, no one knows other than the performers and promotion themselves. CMLL has been under a microscope as of late with the recent firings of both RUSH and Dragon Lee and La Bestia Del Ring. It will be interesting to see what comes out of situations such as the ones mentioned above.

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