SmackDown Highlights – Cain Velasquez Debuts (10/4/19)

Cain Velasquez

Friday Night SmackDown was live on FOX for the first time in history and certainly felt like the biggest in the brand’s history. New stage, “a blue carpet”, and a multitude of celebrities and FOX personalities joined the part as SmackDown kicked off on their new home. Not to mention the debut of former UFC champion Cain Velasquez. Here are the highlights from the most important SmackDown in its 20-year history.

Kevin Owens rids us of Shane McMahon

A ladder match that decides the termination of an individual. Kevin Owens did everything he could to get rid of Shane McMahon and that is exactly what he accomplished last night. Shane hit the huge Leap of Faith from the ring to the announce table on Owens but got nowhere near winning the briefcase at the time. Owens then jumped through Shane as they went crashing through a ladder as we got back from commercial. It was a Coast to Coast that got Shane the closest to winning but KO would not give up. A powerbomb onto another ladder in the corner would lead to victory for Owens. He’d stare into the eyes of Shane and let him know he was fired before hitting a Stunner on him to end Shane’s night.

Brock Lesnar Conquers; Cain Velasquez Stuns

Cain Velasquez
Photo: WWE

The main event of the evening. Brock Lesnar‘s first match on TV in 15 years. Kofi Kingston defended his WWE Championship with his head held high looking to slay “The Beast”. It lasted all of seven seconds. Kofi went at Brock and was caught immediately, suffering an F5 and a new WWE Champion was instantly crowned. Lesnar stunned the universe and the Kofi Kingston “fairytale” was dead. “Booyaka Booyaka 619” rang through the arena, however, as fans anticipated Rey Mysterio getting his revenge for Raw. It was Mysterio alright, but had former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez, with him. Cain got into the ring and hit a takedown on Lesnar and reigned down punches on the new champion. Brock retreated and it all but seems the first main event feud will be Cain vs Brock in a rematch from UFC for the WWE Championship.

SmackDown MVP: The Rock and The Man

Photo: WWE

I mean, c’mon. Was there really another choice? “The Man” Becky Lynch kicked off Friday Night SmackDown to a thunderous ovation as she was prepping for her match with the Four Horsewomen. Before long, King Corbin made his way down to the ring to make the point that no one else deserved to be out there more than him. Then the music everyone was waiting for finally came through the building as “If Ya Smell” echoed through the arena and the crowd erupted. The Rock was there in the flesh and it was one of those moments that will not be forgotten. The Rock and “The Man” in the ring together. Rock would hit all the signature catchphrases, including saying that he was home.

Before long, Lynch jumped in on the action by using some of his phrases while also acknowledging she would have bigger testicles than Corbin if she was to actually dress up like “The Man”. It would soon get physical as both Rock and Becky would throw punches on Corbin before the People’s Elbow would be hit to electrify the Staples Center. A Rock Bottom would soon follow. Rock and Lynch would stand tall as the first SmackDown on FOX kicked off in the most electrifying way possible.

SmackDown on FOX is now official and Hell in a Cell is now one day away with just four matches on the card as of now. Make sure to check back for the entire preview.

Highlights from this show can be seen on WWE’s YouTube page.