Preview: AAA x IMPACT Wrestling: AAA Invading New York (9/15/19)


25 Years ago AAA Lucha Libre made its historic debut in New York City. The promotion at that time was hot. With names like Konnan, Perro Aguayo, Cien Caras, and many others, New York was treated to what would wind up being the future of professional wrestling. 25 years later, and the Lucha Libre style of wrestling has dominated the way wrestling is done today. The influence of Lucha Libre is existant with just about every wrestling promotion in the United States from WWE, AEW, NXT, IMPACT Wrestling, MLW, and many more.

In 2019, Lucha Libre continues to display it’s strength and presence to the pro wrestling industry. And now, the promotion returns to the states again as AAA visits the same area where it all started with them a quarter of a century ago, New York City. On September 15th, 2019 AAA Lucha Libre, in collaboration with IMPACT Wrestling, invades New York City, as they host a show at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden.

AAA Invading New York (9/15/19)

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Photo: AAA

In a rematch from AAA’s biggest event of the year, Triplemania XXVII, Dr. Wagner Jr. gets a second chance to redeem for his loss at the big show against Blue Demon Jr. During the build-up to their match at Triplemania, Dr. Wagner Jr. vowed that if he lost his match he would retire. After his defeat, he not only has to shave his head off as the match was a Hair versus Mask match but also announced his retirement in front of Blue Demon Jr. and in front the rest of the AAA audience. However, at the next event for AAA, Dr. Wagner Jr. was convinced by Vikingo, Nino Hamburguesa, and company to stay in AAA.

After Blue Demon Jr. came out demanding that Wagner Jr. stick to his commitment of retiring, Wagner Jr. refused and reversed his decision in part due to the way Blue Demon Jr. defeating him at AAA Triplemania when he struck Dr. Wagner Jr. with a cinder block to Wagner’s head, assuring the win for Demon Jr. and ensuring Wager announce his retirement right after the bloody and brutal brawl. Will Dr. Wagner Jr. be able to get a win and see some peace after his battle with Demon Jr.? or will Blue Demon dominate yet again and put Wagner Jr. on the shelf again?

AAA World Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) (C) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz)

AAA invades New York
Photo: AAA

At AEW: ALL OUT, two masked men wearing all black clothing and different U.S. president masks invaded the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros. Escalera De La Muerte match after the Lucha Bros. successfully retained in what was considered one of the most brutal ladder matches in history. Leaving the two teams in the ring, the masked men revealed themselves to be Ortiz and Santana, LAX. Now, the recently debuting tag team look for the gold as they challenge the Lucha Bros. for the AAA Tag Team titles in what could be the biggest match of their career. These two teams are no strangers to one another.

The two teams have been in the ring with each other more than a dozen times and have been evenly matched. Their matches at IMPACT Wrestling are still talked about today and have gone down as some of the best tag team matches in the history of the promotion. But, south of the border, things are very different and the Lucha Bros. dominate in Mexico and in AAA Lucha Libre. Will LAX be able to shock the world, however, and win the tag titles in their first match against the Lucha Bros. in AAA? or will the Lucha Bros. continue their winning ways, off their win from the Young Bucks and now with LAX in lieu of being considered the best tag team on the planet?

Brian Cage, Cain Velasquez & Psycho Clown vs. Rey Escorpion, Taurus & Texano Jr.

Photo: AAA

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez is back with AAA Lucha Libre off his very successful debut at Triplemania and teams with the IMPACT Wrestling Champion Brian Cage and one of AAA Lucha Libres faces, Psycho Clown as they face off against one of AAA’s more dominant factions, Los Mercenarios. The mercenaries of AAA have been on a rampage for quite some time and disrupt the flow of almost every show they’re on. They’ve assisted in weakening Dr. Wagner Jr. before his big match with Blue Demon Jr. at Triplemania. They’ve taken out La Parka and his son at a previous show several months ago, and more.

But Cain Velasquez was able to stop their momentum when he put Texano Jr. in a kimura lock winning the match for his team himself, AEW’s Cody, and Psycho Clown at Triplemania. Will Velasquez be back to do it again to Los Mercenarios? Will he be the kryptonite the factions madness? or will Los Mercenarios get payback and teach a lesson to the former MMA champion and his partners?

AAA Invading New York Reina De Reinas Championship: Tessa Blanchard (C) vs. Taya

AAA Invades New York
Photo: AAA

Two of the worlds best luchadoras square off as the former Reina De Reinas champion, Taya, faces off against a luchadora who is arguably considered the best female wrestler in the world, second-generation star, Tessa Blanchard. Tessa recently became the Reina De Reinas champ at Triplemania XXVII by defeating very formidable opponents in Lady Shani, Faby Apache, Taya, Chik Tormenta, La Hiedra and Ayako Hamada (who replaced the former champ, Keyra due to injury) in a seven-way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Tessa is also the current WOW women’s champ and former IMPACT Knockouts champion. Everywhere she goes, she quickly dominates.

Taya, however, is absolutely no slouch as she has been a dominant Reina De Reinas champion for close to 1000 days in the first stint of her title reign. She is also the current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts champion. Taya and Tessa have traded wins with one another in IMPACT Wrestling and have had some of the best matches on the card. With the Reina De Reinas championship on the line, however, will Taya be able to gain back a title she really never lost? or will Tessa Blanchard continue to tear through AAA women’s division as she has done with ALL other women’s divisions on the planet?

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