Preview: Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) – New Horizons (8/31/19)

Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) return to the Thornbury Theatre with their annual event, New Horizons.

Fresh from the fallout of the annual MCW Ballroom Brawl last month there is plenty animosity to be settled within MCW this Saturday. Whether it is renewed rivalries or the fresh destruction of former friendships, each and every clash this weekend is guaranteed to be venomous and heated.

Jett Rouka, Kaz Jordan & Jake Lindo vs Disruption (Shaun Young, Emmanuel & Atlas Whittaker)

MCW New Horizons
Photo: MCW

When the man formerly known as TD revealed his true self at Tensions Rising in June a new group would come into being. That new group would later come known as Disruption, also featuring Emmanuel and Atlas Whittaker. Since forming this new group has certainly lived up to their name by causing chaos throughout MCW.

This weekend Disruption will finally have an obstacle standing in their way. That obstacle coming in the form of the unlikely trio of Jett Rouka, Kai Jordan and Jake Lindo. These three men have found themselves coming together after each suffered at the hands of Disruption individually. Will the unlikely allies be able to coalesce into a strong unit to end the reign of terror from Disruption?

MCW Tag Team Championship: The Natural Classics (Tome & Stevie Filip) (C) vs The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman)

Photo: MCW

In just their second defense since capturing the MCW Tag Team Championship from The Brat Pack in June The Natural Classics are set to renew their rivals with the former champs.

Last month The Natural Classics were able to prove that they belong at the top of the Australian tag team division by overcoming the interstate team of The VeloCities (Jude London & Paris De Silva). Whilst that first championship defense was described as an incredible matchup The Natural Classics are going to have to step it up to an even higher level in defense number two.

As three-time MCW Tag Team Champions already The Brat Pack have proven their pedigree time and time again. This weekend they look to once again break records by becoming the only four-time tag team champions in MCW history.

Street Fight: DCT vs Ritchie Taylor

New Horizons
Photo: MCW

For months now these two men have been unable to let their bitterness and hatred subside. By constantly costing each other victories and opportunities the powder keg is ready to explode. This weekend MCW management has given these men the platform to light the fuse by throwing away the rule and letting them settle this once and for all in a street fight.

Expect an all-out, violent, bloody war between these two. Both men claim to be incredibly tough, but this weekend we will find out who is the resident MCW “hard man”!

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Danny Psycho (c) vs Matty Wahlberg

Since entering the fold at MCW the “21st Century Success Story” Matty Wahlberg has talked a big game. But he has also backed up those claims with actions, by defeating Mike Burr, Dowie James and TK Cooper already. With his brash, cocky attitude now spurred on by some impressive victories Wahlberg could be unstoppable in his quest for the “best fight Melbourne has to offer.”

The next step on Wahlberg’s quest is naturally the newly crowned MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, Danny Psycho. 

Last month Psycho claimed the championship after winning a grueling multiple month-long tournament. Competing in the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship tournament was Psycho’s return to MCW after a lengthy hiatus from the company. Having now proven that he wasn’t simply a nostalgia act, but rather a hardened competitor he will be looking to continue to prove himself and ride the wave of success.

Indi Hartwell vs Steph De Lander

Photo: MCW

These two ladies seemingly had the most unbreakable of friendship, little did we know there was a snake in the grass.

After their shock defeat in last months three-way tag team encounter, also featuring Jessica Troy, Kellyanne, and LUX (Kingsley & Xena), Hartwell began pouring her heart out to MCW fans. During her speech, Hartwell spoke of accomplishing everything she could in MCW and that she felt she needed to venture the world in order to further herself and her career. It was at this moment that ‘The Python Powerhouse’ would suddenly strike her “best friend” from behind.

In interviews leading up to this match, De Lander has revealed the jealousy and bitterness she now feels towards Hartwell. 

With both ladies beginning their training at similar times their careers have been running in parallel. That was until De Lander would suffer a devastating shoulder injury, which would place her on the shelf for the better part of a year. During De Lander’s time away from competition Hartwell’s career blossomed, as she would hold three championships from around Australia simultaneously, she would also have matches against some of the world’s top female talents, and now ultimately beginning to receive incredible opportunities internationally.

It is these opportunities that De Lander feel’s she would have been receiving had it not been for her injury. And if De Lander can’t have them then neither can Hartwell.

Will the bitter and venomous De Lander kill off Hartwell’s dreams? Or will Hartwell exact revenge for the sneak attack from her former friend?

At Melbourne City Wrestling New Horizons, I take Indi out and I take her place. #SDL #PythonPowerhouse

Posted by Steph De Lander on Thursday, August 15, 2019

MCW World Heavyweight Championship: Slex (c) vs Adam Brooks

New Horizons
Photo: MCW

Last month one of MCW’s favorite sons made his triumphant return to the company on the Ballroom Brawl. Adam Brooks would subsequently go on to win that match and earn an opportunity to challenge the MCW World Heavyweight Champion Slex this weekend.

For Brooks, the MCW World Heavyweight Championship has been the one piece of gold he has never held in the company. This weekend he will finally get the chance to rectify that fact, in what is perhaps the biggest match of his career.

Conversely, Slex has been a dominant champion ever since capturing the title from Gino Gambino. During his reign as MCW World Heavyweight Champion Slex has also captured the SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship from Marcus Kool and also successfully defended both championships against JK Moody. This weekend against Brooks though may be Slex’s toughest challenge yet, simply because these two men have a deep history.

The rivalry between these two dates back to their first battle in 2013, which would ultimately see Slex coming out victorious. However, following this match Slex would leave MCW and not compete for the company for two full years.

The second encounter between Brooks and Slex would take place under tag team conditions in 2016. Brooks would gains some semblance of revenge in this match when he and Hartley Jackson would defeat Elliott Sexton and Slex.

From there the two men would pave their own paths, which were eerily similar despite not crossing for some time. For Brooks, he would explode on the global stage thanks to his battles with Will Ospreay. Whilst for Slex it was his incredible battle with then IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada that would rocket him to the top of MCW.

It wouldn’t be until October and November of 2018 that the paths of Slex and Brooks would once again meet. In what are often sighted as two of the greatest matches in MCW history Slex and Brooks would trade victories and the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship between them in successive months. With that final defeat, Adam Brooks would leave MCW to set his sights abroad as he looked to further his career in the US and Mexico.

Now with his shocking, but much-adored return, Brooks and Slex are set to renew their rivalry. This time though it is for the richest prize in all of MCW!

The MCW World Championship is on the line when Slex takes on Adam Brooks at MCW New Horizons on Saturday 31 August! Tickets are selling fast –

Posted by Melbourne City Wrestling on Sunday, August 18, 2019

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