#AndNEW: Jake Crist wins the X-Division Championship

Jake Crist

On the July 26th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, oVe’s Jake Crist, thanks to an assist from brother Dave Crist and Madman Fulton, defeated Rich Swann to capture the X-Division Championship. The victory occurred for Jake when Dave sold an injury from the handspring cutter Swann hit on him inside the ring, allowing Fulton to run down and send Swann into a Crist Cutter from the top rope. He would stay on the offense and run up the ropes and hit another cutter on Swann which would be enough to win the title.

This marks Jake Crist’s second title reign as a part of IMPACT Wrestling, as he had previously won the tag team championships with his brother, Dave. He has been chasing that X-Division Championship since January of this year, including when he competed in the Ultimate X match to determine the new champion at Homecoming, which Swann had won.

This more than anything comes as a stun to the fans as Rich Swann had been rolling through opponent after opponent in his run, but oVe finally put an end to it. Swann’s feud with IMPACT’s most dangerous faction dates back all the way to August, as after just winning the title, Sami Callihan came for him and the championship. Citing his history with Swann and a desire to bring him back to the family fold, Callihan and Swann had three battles over the title, with Swann coming out on top every single time, including the oVe Rules match at Rebellion.

Jake Crist has now won his first singles championship as a member of the IMPACT roster and first singles title in over a year. He’s also the only champion in oVe and with Callihan set for a #1 contender’s match and the pesky Option C always out there, the Draw and the Medium Draw could end up each other’s opponent. Could there be some problems on the way? Unlikely. But it is pro wrestling, so you never know. Rich Swann on the otherhand has new opportunity on his hands. To either try and take down oVe who helped screw him and take his championship away or move on to new opportunities inside IMPACT Wrestling. Swann is talented and will have no problem finding a new avenue in IMPACT.

oVe is taking over IMPACT once again slowly but surely as they remain one of the best reasons to watch IMPACT Wrestling week in and week out. Congratulations are in order for Jake Crist, the new X-Division Champion.

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