Preview: IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary XVII (7/7/2019)

The hottest show of the Summer for IMPACT Wrestling makes it’s way to Dallas, TX as the 17th Slammiversary takes place this Sunday on Pay Per View. Since the D’Amore and Callis era, the company has seen a 180-degree turn for the best, and coincidentally, many have said that it began with their first Slammiversary. Like with that Slammiversary, this Sunday’s event promises to deliver, with a stacked card where EVERY match has a significant story behind it. Couple that the characters and athleticism and matches everyone will have and you have a recipe for what could be the show stealer of the weekend in all of pro-wrestling and even combat sports. Here’s a look at the card for Slammiversary:

IMPACT Slammiversary XVII

IMPACT Wrestling World Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs. Michael Elgin 

Photo: Impact

On what was supposed to be a night of celebration at IMPACT Rebellion for Brian Cage, quickly turned into a night of disaster as Michael Elgin completely ruined the new champs coronation. Elgin debuted and confronted Cage and then brutally attacked the IMPACT World Champion providing him with an Elgin bomb that took Cage out of action since then. That is, until a couple of weeks ago on IMPACT Wrestling when Brian Cage made a surprise return with a receipt at hand for Elgin, taking out Big Mike.

But this past week on IMPACT Wrestling, we saw the two monsters face off yet again with Elgin getting the upper hand on Cage and nearly taking him to the hospital. The scene turned chaotic when Elgin attacked Don Callis after attempting to stop the madness caused by both men. Cage would wind up on a stretcher with a neck brace, but the story was told at that exact moment when Cage showed us why he wasn’t a man, but a machine, as he got back up and rushed back to the ring and continued to clash with Michael Elgin with the show closing as the two were still pummeling one another.

Expect this match to quickly turn into a battle of the bulls with something to prove here. For Elgin, a journey that has taken him from the far east and back to prove that he can be the flag bearer of a pro wrestling promotion after realizing that he had plateaued in Japan. Elgins has stated in various interviews that his main reason for signing with IMPACT Wrestling was to become the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. For Cage, this is a story of finally getting an opportunity to start off on the right foot and having a successful title reign. Cage has been plagued with injury since winning the title and is still favoring his back as shown on a recent video from the promotions facebook account with Ross Foreman interviewing Cage from the gym during a workout. Could we see Cage walk out the champ at Slammiversary and show the world that a machine doesn’t get hurt? Or will Big Mike Elgin finally realize his dream of becoming THE champion and being the face of a company at Slammiversary?

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan

Slammiversary XVII
Photo: Impact

This may very well be the most heated match of the evening due to the story of equality in wrestling. Tessa Blanchard has quickly cemented herself as one of the best wrestlers on the globe, man or woman. Some say she IS the best wrestler in the world. After destroying the Disco Inferno on a recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling from the 2300 Arena, Tessa was viewed as a locker room leader for the women of IMPACT. However, OVE, who is an equal opportunity offender, made their presence felt during a match between Dave Christ and Fallah Bahh on the June 7th edition of IMPACT when Jake Christ got involved in the match resulting in Dave Christ getting the win. Both Dave and Jake proceeded to attack Fallah Bahh and even attempted to attack Scarlett Bourdeaux. It was then when Tessa came to the rescue and took both Christ brother out.

The following week on the June 14th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Sami Callihan made his way to the Knockouts locker room to claim equality and that he could be in whichever locker room he wanted. Tessa confronted Sami and a war of words began from there. On the June 21st edition of IMPACT Wrestling, we would see Tessa Blanchard face off with Jake Christ in what was a helluva match where we would see Tessa get the win. Sami Callihan later issued a challenge to Tessa Blanchard for IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary, which Tessa accepted. We would eventually see the first contact between the made at Wrestlecircus of all places after Tessa lost a match in the main event to “The Best” Scorpio Sky. Sami Callihan would attack an already beaten up Tessa and pile drove her to oblivion.

If that wasn’t enough, we would see one of the most despicable acts in pro wrestling in quite some time. On the most recent edition of IMPACT Wrestling after an intense match with Fallah Bahh, Sami would get on the mic and call out Tessa Blanchard, berating her and telling her if she wanted to be treated like everybody else, then he would. He then viciously attacked Tessa Blanchard with a bicycle quick to the face. Knocking her down and beating on her. Tessa would eventually get back up and beat on Callihan and getting the upper hand until the Christ Brothers came to the ring, beat her up some more and held her. It was then when Callihan picked up his trusty baseball bat of all weapons and assaulted Tessa with the bat. In what was a disgusting set of events, it’s clear this match in engrained with hatred between the two competitors. Will Tessa Blanchard be able to surmount OVE and Sami Callihan at Slammiversary and show the world that a woman can be treated like her male peers and do it better? Or will Sami Callihan find a way to beat the Undeniable Tessa Blanchard via worst means?

X-Division Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Johhny Impact

Slammiversary XVII
Photo: Impact

Ever since winning the X-Division Championship, Swann has proven why he is one of the best to ever hold the title. But the word best can easily be associated with Johnny Impact who has no problem calling himself the best. That is, the best in looks, the best abs, the best outfit, the best anything. Impact has shown such arrogance over the months since his recent World title reign. But the winner of the last Ultimate-X Match, that took place at “United We Stand” Impact has tried showing us why he is the best in the X-Division. This week on IMPACT Wrestling, the rivalry has reached a boiling point when Johnny Bravo of all people challenged Swann and Willie Mack to a match with him and Johnny Impact. Impact seemed reluctant in taking this match but he may have something up his sleeve.

Look for their match on Sunday to be one of the most athletic matches of the evening while showing everyone why the X-Division has always been an innovator and groundbreaking division in all of pro-wrestling with some of the best athletes in the industry. Will Johnny Impact come out the victor and show us why he is the best? Or will Rich Swann continue his winning ways and cement his legacy within the X-Division?  Find out at Slammiversary

Rob Van Dam vs. Moose

Photo: Impact

Impact Wrestling has certainly shown us why they are a force to be reckoned with in 2019. With signing one of the most innovative and extreme wrestlers in history. Rob Van Dam, who was a desired free agent, signed with IMPACT Wrestling earlier this year. Since his signing, Rob mentioned when returning that he had to show the IMPACT locker room why he was still the whole F’N show. Moose and him have recently gotten into it since Moose was briefly aligned with The North, Josh Alexander and “All Ego” Ethan Page. Rob Van Dam would quickly get back up in the form of extreme tag partners Tommy Dreamer and Sabu. The 2 teams wound up facing each other at the IMPACT Wrestling tapings at the ECW Arena which led to the extreme trio winning the match.

The alliance with Moose and The North would eventually crack and fall apart. On a recent edition of IMPACT Wrestling, Moose would face Tommy Dreamer and defeat the hardcore legend, then attacking him after the match. Rob Van Dam would come after Moose then. The story here is that Moose doesn’t need anyone to prove he can be Mr. IMPACT Wrestling, and Rob Van Dam would find out first hand. But Rob Van Dam still has gas in the tank and even at this stage of his career, he still looks like the Rob Van Dam of old. Will the future of IMPACT Wrestling in Moose be able to show why he is Mr. IMPACT Wrestling? Or will he show his cheating ways to get a win? Or will Rob Van Dam continue to show us why for nearly 3 decades and at nearly 50 years of age, he is still the whole f’n show?

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: LAX (Santana & Ortiz) (c) vs. The Rascalz (Dez, Trey & Wentz)

Slammiversary XVII
Photo: Impact

In a story filled with a lot of consumption of some questionable substances, the Latin American Xchange takes on The Rascalz for the tag team championships. This all came about when the Rascalz and LAX had a smoke break and The Rascalz timidly asked for tag team title defense. Things were innocent at first, that was until The Rascalz blatantly disrespected LAX by coming into their bar one night and demanding for a tag title match. This quickly led to a beat down of the Rascalz from LAX for the disrespect of stepping to them with the wrong approach.

On a recent edition of IMPACT a smoke meeting was held between The Rascalz and Konnan, who is known for his Iranian tobacco and being in Iran on his successful podcast Keepin’ It 100. Konnan admitted that he respected the team and that he would get them the tag match with LAX. Here we are just a few days away with LAX and The Rascalz for the titles. Rumors have swirled about the status of LAX however with them potentially leaving the company. At Slammiversary will we see them stay with the titles this Sunday and continue one of the most successful title reigns in IMPACT Wrestling history, or will The Rascalz be able to get the smoke out of their heads and see clearly to the winners’ table and win the tag titles for the first time?

Monsters Ball Match For The Knockouts Championship: Taya (c) vs. Havok vs. Rosemary vs. Su Yung

Photo: Impact

Taya since winning her IMPACT Knockouts title has certainly tried to avoid all challenges, from Madison Rayne to Jordynne Grace, to others. It seems as though her avoiding ways caught up to as she found herself in a very dark and evil predicament involving an undead bride, a zombie, and a monster, and Satans son it seems. In any event, Taya finds herself in one of the most violent matches in IMPACT Wrestling history, The Monsters Ball.

This all began when Rosemary finally got her way with Su Yung and defeated her in a match that wound up having Su Yung chained to Rosemary. Rosemary would eventually challenge Taya to a knockouts championship match. A match that Taya would quickly avoid having with the demon. However, things quickly became serious when Havoc returned to IMPACT Wrestling and joined Father James Mitchell and Su Yung, uncuffing Yung and freeing her from Rosemary.

The battle of evil ensued but what everyone has in common, is that they all want the knockouts championship. James Mitchell proposed the monsters ball match on a recent edition of IMPACT Wrestling and immediately frightened Taya, leading her into trying to do whatever she can to keep the title. Taya found herself aligning with Rosemary on the latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling versus Su Yung and Havoc, but the match never finished as Su Yung at the end of the match mistakenly palm struck Havok, which infuriated the monster and caused a scuffle between the two. James Mitchell stopped them from destroying each other. This match is bound to become an absolute chaotic scene but will be a historic match as the women of IMPACT Wrestling continue to do revolutionize women’s wrestling as they have for so many years. Will Taya be able to escape the madness she put herself in? Will Rosemary finally be able to take the title back and take it to the undead realm? Or will Father James Mitchell be successful in having either Havok or Su Yung win the title and end the war with him and Rosemary?

First Blood Match: Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards

Slammiversary XVII
Photo: Impact

Not since straight out of the cult classic “American Psycho” have we seen twisted violence like the one we are expected to see between these two characters. For months now, Kross has shown us more why he is the psycho of IMPACT Wrestling. He holds no mercy against his opponents and doesn’t just want to beat his opponents. He is anarchy focused, just because. And his chaotic ways have gone towards the direction of Eddie Edwards who also has a story all to himself that has led him to the brink of madness. The two are destined to have a bloody massacre at Slammiversary.

The story here really began when Killer Kross abducted Kenny, Eddie’s kendo stick who Eddie has a connection with since his rivalry with Tommy Dreamer earlier this year. Eddie wound up facing Kross with the goal of saving Kenny, however, things would not go the way Eddie had hoped for as Kross wound destroying one of the only things Eddie loved, Kenny. Kross with a sinister grin from cheek to cheek reveled in Edwards’ devastation. Shortly after during the IMPACT Wrestling tapings from the ECW Arena the two continued their rivalry and wound up in a street fight that Kross eventually dominated. That was until an unlikely ally came to Eddie’s rescue. The Hardcore Icon, The Sandman came to the ring and smashed the X-Man with his patented Kendo Stick he’s used all these years leading back to the days of the original ECW.

It was then when we would witness would some could see as a huge passing of the torch when The Sandman gave Eddie Edwards his own kendo stick. Edwards filled with joy felt complete again. However, he didn’t know what to do with it because the stick didn’t have a face. It still wasn’t Kenny. The Sandman quickly took care of that by drawing a face on the stick and giving it a character for Eddie and Kenny 2.0 was born. However, because of Sandman’s interruption and interjecting himself in this feud, a toll had to pay. Killer Kross would wind up facing The Sandman in a match on the June 14th edition of IMPACT Wrestling and like a boa constrictor would get a hold on The Sandman and choke him out to near death. Eddie Edwards would make the save but Kross wasn’t done with The Sandman when on the June 21st edition of IMPACT Wrestling Kross would perform an act so disturbing, it’s hard to believe it made television.

After abducting The Sandman, during a match Eddie Edwards had, Kross would show up on the IMPACT Tron, where he and a captive Sandman were on hand in a small room. The Sandman had his face covered with cloth and would then get tortured by Kross as he would waterboard The Sandman, nearly ending him once again. An enraged Eddie Edwards would eventually find Killer Kross and would destroy Kross, leaving him bloodied and smashing his head to the floor. Alicia Edwards would try and convince Edwards to stop, but the maniacal Kross embraced Eddie to keep beating on him. Eddie had turned and continued towards the ever downward spiral he’s been on since the infamous baseball bat incident. The next week, however, on the June 21st edition of IMPACT Wrestling, it seemed as though Edwards would attempt to ask for forgiveness and try to find his sanity again as we see him in a church confessing his sins to the priest. However, during his confessions, he would find that who he was confessing to, was not the priest, but, Killer Kross. The two seemed attached at the hip with psychotic and terroristic tendencies. Expect this match to be total destruction for both men. Will Eddie Edwards be able to go to the darkest depths of his mind and figure out a way to end Killer Kross though? Or will the new age American Psycho continue to find innovative ways to mentally decimate and physically torture Eddie Edwards?

You won’t want to miss what is bound to be one of the best pay per views of 2019. IMPACT Wrestling has consistently provided some of the more cutting edge and compelling stories in all of pro-wrestling. With great matches and even greater athleticism, Slammiversary is easily going to deliver the goods as the promotion continues it’s momentum with more partnerships with other promotions and producing more specials on IMPACT+ and a possible television network change rumored for the fall.
IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary airs on Sunday, July 7th, 2019 and begins at 8:00 pm est. live on pay per view.

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