Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Episode 14

Beyond Wrestling

Beyond Wrestling is now only weeks away from their biggest show, Americanrana ‘19 and every single episode of Uncharted Territory has blown away the one before it. Beyond kicks off the 4th of July with one of it’s biggest Uncharted Territories yet, which will include Joey Janela’s birthday party, a Chikara showcase match and much more. This week’s show will be extended to three hours instead of just to and is free on Fitetv. It is also free if you use the promo code Uncharted on This is your preview of Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory episode 14

Joey Janela’s 30th Birthday Party

Only a few days from his show-stealing match at AEW’s Fyter Fest Joey Janela will make his return to Uncharted Territory. This won’t be any old return though Chris Dickinson, his partner in Slither, will be throwing him a Bad Boy Birthday Bash. Expect it to be an all-out banger as Joey gets ready to say goodbye to the Beyond crowd leaving for AEW for good once they debut on TNT.

Joey Janela vs Josh Briggs 

Uncharted Territory Episode 14
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Both these two have been having outstanding matches during Uncharted Territory and they will meet on Joey Janela’s 30th birthday. Briggs is looking for a big win after calling out Johnny Foxwood (Hennigan) for Americanrana ‘19. With Joey Janela on his way out for one of the biggest wrestling promotions it could be a huge win for Briggs if he is able to ruin Janela’s birthday with a big L. There have been quite a few doors popping up in Uncharted Territory the last couple of weeks and don’t be surprised if they happen to show up in this match as well. These two have only wrestled once before and it was two years ago when they were both vastly different wrestlers. Expect this match to be an all-out barnburner like so much of Uncharted Territory has been. 

Chikara Atomicos Showcase Match: Green Ant, Theif Ant, Razerhawk and Mike Quackenbush vs Hermit Crab, Cajun Crawdad, Crummels and Defarge

Photo: Beyond Wrestling

This match has been building up for weeks and the problems stemming from Chikara’s Wrestle Factory will finally come to a head on this week’s Uncharted Territory. It started as a tag team Chikara showcase between The Dirtiest Players in the Game vs Razerhawk and Green Ant. Cajun Crawdad interfered in the match giving Razerhawk a low blow and the Dirtiest Players the win. So Crawdad joined the Dirtiest Players and Theif Ant joined his tag team partner along with Razerhawk. They had quite an impressive match between the three of them when Hermit Crab interfered and got the Technicos a win by DQ. None other then Mike Quakenbush phoned into Uncharted Territory and said he would be coming to next weeks Uncharted Territory to settle things. If you have never seen a Chikara Atomicos match consider yourself in for a treat, they are everything that is great about wrestling in one. Also, Mike Quakenbush announced for his 25th Anniversary wrestling he would be having 25 matches and this looks like it will be one of the 25 before one of the best in wrestling may announce his retirement. 

The Patriot vs Anthony Greene

Uncharted Territory Episode 14
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

The Retrobution tour is back and better than ever. After a few weeks of Greene doing commentary and getting into fights over that commentary, Greene’s Retrobution tour is back and who better for him to face off against the day before the 4th of July than The Patriot. Greene has called made it his mission to take on some of his favorite wrestlers from the 90s and hopes to add The Patriot to that list. 

Thomas Santell vs Cam Zagami 

Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Thomas Santell was on a run like no other during his Discovery Gauntlet with seven wins in a row. After each win, Cam Zagami would have to go up an interview him every single week until finally, he was sick of it. Cam shoved the mic to Santell and told him to interview himself. The next week Thomas Santell was facing off against Christan Casanova in the Discovery Gauntlet when Cam Zagami got involved causing Santell to end his winning streak. This week the two will face off to settle the score. Santell has certainly made himself a breakout star during these last few weeks of Uncharted Territory but Cam Zagami has been a star in Beyond for years. Will Cam jealousy be able to put him over Thomas Santell or will Santell be able to get back to his winning ways. 

Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs Stunt Doubles (Marko & Logan Stunt)

Uncharted Territory Episode 14
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Team Tremendous made their Uncharted Territory debut a two weeks ago despite breaking up at last years Americanrana. Team Tremendous took a big loss to the breakout stars of Bear Country. The team of Bill Carr and Dan Barry this week will be taking on the Stunt Doubles. The two brothers Marko and Logan Stunt might not be the biggest wrestlers but they certainly have the most charisma. Expect this match to be fun.  

Wheeler Yuta vs Alex Reynolds

Wheeler Yuta is back from WxW and he is ready to get into the action of Uncharted Territory. Wheeler has shown up the last two weeks to for commentary and to dive out the ring on people who beat up his friends. This week he will be having another match on Uncharted Territory. His opponent will be one half of the Beaver Boys Alex Reynolds. Since breaking up The Beaver Boys haven’t been doing so hot in solo matches but Reynolds will continue to try and make a name for himself during Beyond. 

Solo Darling vs Leyla Hirsh 

Last week Leyla Hirsh made an impressive debut in the Discovery Gauntlet but came up short against Christan Casanova. Despite coming up short she won over some fans and also debuted at this week’s Women Wrestling Revolution show in Everett Massachusetts with a big win of Terra Calaway. Leyla will be taking on an Uncharted Territory staple in Solo Darling who is also coming off a big win from WWR against Heidi Katrina. Leyla couldn’t have picked out a better opponent to get a win over in Solo Darling, who has been having great matches all over Uncharted Territory. 

Christan Casanova vs Breaux Keller 

You have got to win it to stay in it. Christan Casanova has now gone two weeks in a row with wins and will be looking to make it three. He will be taking on Breaux Keller who is going to try and win to stay on Uncharted Territory.

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