Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Episode 8 (5/22/19)

Beyond Wrestling

Beyond Wrestling’s weekly wrestling show on IndependentWrestling.TV, Uncharted Territory, has been one of the most solid wrestling television shows going right now. Every week they provide something new and exciting in their 2 and however long they want to go hours. They have been making stars and creating a diverse and interesting lineup. Uncharted Territory has been featuring some of their homegrown stars like Chris Dickinson and the Beaver Boys, some of independent wrestling’s biggest stars like Chuck Taylor and Masato Tanaka, while also making some new stars along the way like Bear Country and Thomas Santell. Seriously if you are disappointed with any other wrestling television show right now check out Uncharted Territory Wednesday nights.

Nick Gage Returns

Photo / Beyond Wrestling

Beyond announced that Nick Gage will be appearing on Uncharted Territory Episode 8. This is Gage’s first time appearing on Uncharted Territory and also his first time on a Beyond show since his Fans Bring The Weapons Deathmatch on New Year’s Eve against Josh Briggs. An opponent hasn’t been announced yet but Gage tweeted that  “give me those slither fuck dudes or someone to violently hit with my fists”. Chris Dickinson has a match but Joey Janela or Penelope Ford is free for the night and could take on Gage. No matter what it is a Nick Gage match so it will be interesting in the least.

Discovery Gauntlet

Thomas Santell likes Ovaltine a lot. He has also gone two weeks in the Discovery Gauntlet and the entire Beyond crowd absolutely loves him. In the past three weeks, he has gotten some of the biggest crowd reactions of anyone else on Uncharted Territory. The idea behind the Discovery Gauntlet is to get eyes on new wrestlers so Santell could be facing anyone in his upcoming match.

The Beaver Boys vs Bear Country

The Beaver Boys take on Bear Country at Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

The Beaver Boys have fallen onto hard times. The 2018 Tournament for Tomorrow winners and tag team aces of Beyond. On Episode 5 of Uncharted Territory, John Silver and Alex Reynolds beat the team of Joey Janela and Chris Dickinson known as Sliter. Then before Lethal Lottery John Silver announced that if he won he would not choose a tag team match with his partner but instead wanted a singles match. Silver ended up not competing but the breakup of the team felt oncoming. On week 7 of Uncharted Territory both Beaver Boys were competing but in singles matches.

This week the team is getting back together but they will be facing off against the newest rising stars of Beyond’s tag team division Bear Country. These two made their debut in Beyond on episode 5 of Uncharted Territory and have been unbeaten since. Bear Country look to make a huge name for themselves if they will be able to beat the aces of Beyond’s tag team division.

Erick Stevens vs Chris Dickinson

Erick Stevens takes on Chris Dickinson on Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

At  Lethal Lottery, Chris Dickinson won and got to name his opponent for the upcoming Americanrana ‘19. Dickinson named Daisuke Sekimoto as his opponent the two will meet on July 28th. On the road to Americanrana Dickinson has been taking on the biggest boys he can possibly find. Over the past two weeks, he has taken on Josh Briggs and Eddie Kingston, winning both matches. The Dirty Daddy is on a total tear and his next opponent is coming out of retirement to face him. Former Ring of Honor wrestler Erick Stevens will be wrestling for the first time in almost ten years against Dickinson. Stevens will be looking to kick off his return to wrestling with a big win but Dickinson has looked almost invincible lately. This should be another hard-hitting match.

Solo Darling vs Skylar

Solo Darling takes on the Hot Scoop, Skylar at Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

Solo Darling has really been making a name for herself in Beyond. The Arch Duke of the Apron has been on four episodes of Uncharted Territory coming out with big wins in three of them. Hot Scoop Skylar will be making her debut on Uncharted Territory. Skylar is coming back from an injury that saw her sidelined but she will be looking to make a strong debut. Solo has talked about letting anyone catch these legs but she will be in tough competition with Skylar.

The Whisper vs Ophidian

An old feud is reignited as The Whisper battles Ophidian on Uncharted Territory
Photo / Beyond Wrestling

This feud is from Season 17 and Season 18 of CHIKARA but boy was it a good one. The Whisper stole Ophidian’s identity after Ophidian lost a casket match to Hallowicked. The Whisper then paraded around as Ophidian for the rest of the season going on to win the Rey de Voladores. The Master of Snake Style would return as 17 to face himself, or The Whisper pretending to be Ophidian. Are you confused? It gets weirder. Ophidian also started a secret underground no ropes fight club at the Wrestle Factory, CHIKARA headquarters, called the Crucible. The Whisper is a part of that fight club. Ophidian tweeted that Whisper was a harbinger and tomorrow we will see what he can do. Even for CHIKARA it is weird and confusing so tune in to figure out more of that confusing storyline.

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